The federal aviation administration has identified more electronic gadgets for online use.


The federal aviation administration has identified more electronic gadgets for online use.

That’s good news for air travelers who can’t get enough electronic equipment: the faa is relaxing the rules they use on planes.

AUDIE CORNISH: travelers from delta and other airlines received a lot of news today. The government now says people no longer need to turn off portable electronic devices when they take off and land. As NPR’s Brian Naylor reports, the federal aviation administration has announced the end of years of debate over flight safety for e-readers and tablets.

BRIAN NAYLOR: passenger complaints and threats by lawmakers to force the FAA to take action, the agency has taken steps to expand the use of equipment, according to the advisory group’s recommendations. Federal aviation administration director Michael huerta announced the announcement at the Reagan national airport outside Washington.

FAA administrator MICHAEL HUERTA: consumers have a lot of interest. These rules have been around for a long time. During that time, technology has developed in aircraft and equipment used by passengers. We feel that as an institution, it is important for us to re-examine what these rules are and whether there is anything we can do.

Nelson: according to the new rule, as long as the passengers are in airplane mode, when their plane is below 10,000 feet, the passengers will no longer need to turn off the device, that is, the cellular signal is off. The use of mobile phones will continue to be hampered, but smartphones can, as long as they are in flight mode. However, because of its heavy weight, the laptop still has to store the take-off and landing. It is up to the airline to decide when the new rules will come into effect.

Just now, we heard delta chief executive Richard Anderson. He said delta airlines, which has been involved in the advisory committee’s test, is preparing to enable the devices as soon as possible tomorrow.

Richard Anderson: our analysis shows that it was completely safe to ban portable electronic devices during flight. So we look forward to offering this to our customers.

Lyle: the federal aviation administration said the passengers still need to pay attention to the safety program announcement flight attendants, and in rare cases, the crew will be ordered the closure of the equipment, including some lower visibility landing. Brian Naylor, NPR news, Washington.