Reese Witherspoon collaborated with Big Little Lies and her new lifestyle with Crate and Barrel.


Reese witherspoon will host your next dinner. Well, sort of. In addition to the incredible career, witherspoon has lifestyle brand Draper James, now she is working with the Crate and Barrel for her resume to add a new title: brand image ambassador. What does that mean to you? The awesome item is entertainment.

Are all about the Big Little Lies will return to the discussion in the second quarter,, she’s in her Crate and Barrel partners meet Witherspoon unveiling ceremony, to discuss cooperation, and her favorite form of entertainment, and how she feels about the eight (!) * big * BLL wins the emmy.

Working with Crate and Barrel was effortless.

“I set up the Draper James, because we grew up in the south, we like to entertainment, we like to party, we like to friends and family, so when I created the brand, I want to talk about entertainment and way of life. We’ve been working with Crate and Barrel for so long, and we’re bringing southern glamour to this timeless feeling, and we’re just a perfect match.

She * is very close to her Big Little Lies co-star.

“In the past 12 days, I talk to nicole, almost every day we have a lot of words to talk about, we made some other projects together, she also very close to me - she lives in Nashville, I actually talk to Laura Dern and ZoeKravitz almost every day. [laughter] and I will talk to Shailene but she temporarily in Fiji, so it would make it a bit difficult, we are very close.

She likes to entertain - and is sure to entertain her friends at Christmas. 🎄

“I hold a Christmas party every year, so I will show my co-stars I’ve been doing all the great things, I like in my house there are many different size and shape of the cake pan. There is some marble in the box and barrel. ”

Winning eight emmy awards is totally surreal for her.

“It’s nice to have so many teams that recognize their incredible hard work, it’s a bit surreal, and I’ve been looking at nicole and saying, ‘I don’t believe this is happening. ‘it really shows a fact that when women work together, they really can make a lot of, I wholeheartedly believe that female relations of cooperation, only cooperate with other very hardworking women, and tries to create opportunities for other women in our business, it is very fulfilling for me. ”

The response she received from the audience proved the need to create better roles for women.

“I have to say, this is what you can’t believe that we really want to work together to work, we have a lot of fun, and then we heard the audience of this incredible response, so it makes me feel really feel this way. They didn’t see the large audience they wanted to see about women, they wanted to know more about women’s lives. ”

She is sure to save her daughter Eva’s work when she goes to college next fall.

“Oh, yes, how good would it be to have a dormitory with boxes and buckets? That’s great.”

You can buy selected Draper James works for Crate and Barrel both in-store and online. Draper James will release the collaboration design series in the spring and summer of 2018. Reese can be seen in all the holiday glory below