Neil Rankin’s kitchen: “I raided the east Asian supermarket and found everything I could find”


I live in an attic apartment in a converted matchbox warehouse on the east side of London. The kitchen was small, so I had something in it, scattered in the rest of the apartment, scattered in the closet. Because I seldom cook for myself, I am full. It’s an open plan. If I cook like a steak, the fire alarm goes out. It looks very tidy here, but it usually has about 1,000 spices behind me.
I recommend a cast iron pan for cooking meat, and you get a very good coke - this is a Le Creuset that my mom bought for me a few years ago. We use thermplay at work and have this at home. I think it’s one of the most important tools for cooking meat. I don’t like the idea of providing red raw chicken. Instead, I grew up with my mom to make sure it was done, so I thought it was a good idea to use one of them as a safe precaution. You can take it easy because you know more about what happened.
When you measure the herbs and spices recipe development, it is almost impossible without accurate size work - I did a lot of my restaurant recipes at home development, so this is one of the most commonly used items in my kitchen. Ordinary electronic scales do not cut the mustard.

I have about 30-40 Japanese knives - this is a bit of an obsession. It is important to cut things correctly, to prepare the right knife for each job, and to keep sharp. The biggest problem I have when I go to someone’s home is a blunt knife - it takes a long time to cut the onion and bake slices! It’s my girlfriend’s birthday present - it’s beautiful. For me, a good knife requires a carbon steel blade.
My staple food condiments include a lot of Japanese sauces, fish sauce, soy sauce, XO sauce and a lot of fermented chili sauce: I basically attacked the east Asian supermarket, and I found everything. White packaging is MSG - I add it to a lot of things I cook at home. It makes things delicious. I usually cook very simple rice and vegetables and like as much as I can, I can. I used to make curry with anything I was lying on, so I also had a lot of spices, so I studied it - so I used pestle and mortar almost every day. Like a tiny airplane, to stimulate ginger, make garlic… Life would be more difficult without me.
A child made this picture of the kitchen in Soho one night. One evening, he was sitting at home with his family, in the month we were driving. They had a wonderful time, and he gave it to me after dinner. It just says, “I like the tacos.” I framed it. This is a very good thing. He was five years old, but I never found his name.
I have about a hundred recipes and this is just a small sample of the cycle, and it has to do with anything I was doing. I read recipes almost every day and want some ideas to start me, but I think home cooking is to relax with your favorite ingredients and anything else. I don’t think you should be chasing every ingredient in the recipe; They are more inspired.