The Bahamas owned 1930’s Joe Sheestairs, the heir to the cross-oil listing, for $ 20 million


A private, 711-acre island worth 20 million U.S. dollars is now listed on the Bahamas in the Berry Islands. The whale reef has a long history and was once owned by the weird Marion ‘Joe Carstairs.

Born in London in 1900, Joe was the daughter of Frances Bostwick, the heir to the standard oil billionaire and became the heir to dress, speedboat and doll dolls in Hollywood. Her love affair with actress Marlene Dietrich made her one of the most watched characters of the 1930s.

She purchased whale reefs in the mid-1930s and soon declared she was queen of whales to be the ruler of her own paradise island. She often wore navy uniforms and chaired the “people” with an iron fist. As a man smoking a cigar, she wore a tattoo and arms crossed.

Carstairs is an open lesbian with many documented events, including Oscar Wilde’s niece Dolly Wilde and actresses Greta Garbo, Talulu Bankhead and her true love Marlene Dietrich Korea. Carstairs even submitted her entire island to Dietrich as a symbol of her love. The island of more than 200 people has been repeatedly welcomed by legendary movie stars and Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Joe spent several years driving a motorboat to become a very successful racer and the fastest woman on the water. She is also known for always having a single-legged doll named after Sir Tod Wadley, perhaps the real love of her life and even dressing her up at Saville Row. After selling the whale reef in 1975, she moved to Florida until her death in 1993 at the age of 93. She cremated with her doll, leaving a few hours of tapes to be eventually used in her life documentary. Her biographical biography previously was written by Kate Summerscale entitled The Queen of Whale Cay.
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