According to AG Barr, the irn-bru drinker won’t notice that the amount of sugar is halved


The manufacturer of the irn-bru claims that while fans have launched a campaign against the move, most people will not be able to make a difference in their diet of carbonated drinks.
Scotland’s so-called other national drinks will be produced in less than 50 percent of its sugar content later this month.
Fans reportedly stocked up on drinks before they changed, and a petition has been launched to preserve the traditional recipes.
Who started our Irn-Bru campaign, Ryan Allen said: “this is a national treasure of Scotland, a part of our culture, with its unique taste, brand and marketing. “It’s also known that the effects of hangovers are well known, and many people’s desire, the savior, or a night of tiling after a night of drinking. Don’t do this. ”

The “secret recipe” of Irn-Bru was introduced in 1901 by AG Barr.
The company has been trying to change consumers’ taste for low-sugar drinks and is preparing a sugar tax in 2018. A government levy will be introduced in April to address the soaring obesity rate.
In march, the amount of sugar in Irn-Bru dropped from 8.5 teaspoons to 4 teaspoons, never to 140 calories and 65 calories. The beverage giant tried to dispel the fear of the change, saying its tests showed that most people could not tell the difference.
“Since January 2018, the irn-bru will continue to use the same secret irn-bru flavor, but less sugar,” said a spokesman for AG Barr. Most of our drinkers want less sugar, so that’s what we’re offering. We know that our loyal drinkers like the irn-bru because of its unique taste, and we work hard to get it done.
“We had a lot of taste test, shows that most people can’t distinguish this - nine out of 10 normal Irn - Bruce drinkers told us, we have a very good or very good match.
“Most consumers can start buying the sugar-reducing irn-bru later this month. Try it when it comes out. “