Amazing nature


Hiding a few white clouds, blue sky drop eyes fell from the sky of the 9 light gray feathers, the branches play birds, grass insects play friends, fine water poured out of mountains, fish swam in a river, there are planted in the ponds WeiCao sway in the wind.
The beautiful scenery of nature, the poet can not describe the artistic conception of beauty, intoxicating, desirable, infatuation.
Nature like a poem, a poem of carefree, every character with joy and freedom, each byte with the pace of the joy, every sentence with a yearning and halcyon, pen rhyme precision slightly, but does not flow, the poem always write the scenery of nature, this poem make readers immersed in nature of strokes, ponder over the meaning of natural wines…
Nature seems to be a composer, a endless song, each note is a beautiful melody, each syllable with a cheerful rhythm, every passage with a soft and comfortable, song natural sense and do not break points, much like water in fish, free and happy.
This song carries the dream of the listener, so that the listener can feel the natural birds and flowers of nature, the colorful fragrance of nature, and the thoughts of nature are so desirable in nature.
Nature seems to be a dish, a delicious dish, every taste with the breath of nature, each color with the nature of colour and lustre, each taste the sweet, the products from nature to smell, gourmet comments for world cuisine, the dish gourmet praised the strange this dish, then taste the product of nature is so let a person infatuation.
Let us feel carefree charm of nature, listen to the charm of nature, it creates a picture in people heart forever is perfect, let us use sincere heart to feel the nature, with expectation to touch the nature, let’s face the charm of nature, proud to shout loudly: I love the nature!
Nature’s article: the perception of nature
Early winter season I came to the this place, this let me feast for the eyes, let me intoxicated, let I can’t forget and linger for a long time, it in different season, cheek by jowl with different to me and blooming…
It was late, and before he could perceive everything around him, the night had fallen.
Go to sleep until the night out, suddenly hear: the sound of the whizz, the whizz of the whizz, the sound of the rain, but not the ground is wet with rain.
It’s strange?
What’s that noise?
It’s not like the crystal stream that haunts the mountain, and is clear to the bottom.
On this empty night it seemed like the Milky Way of the Milky Way, and there seemed to be a few beautiful and romantic fairies in the river whispering and playing in the shower.
Listen to this mysterious sound, decorate this quiet night more peaceful and quiet.
Early in the morning, the distant mountains are foggy and foggy.
After a while, the sky gradually put the silver, the undulating ridges in the set off of the sky, like a green dragon lady on waving graceful posture, motioned to me their enchanting beauty;
In the near place, the tree is handsome and beautiful, the banyan tree is verdant, the sun is at first, the leaves in the breeze, the silver light flashing, lifelike;
Next to the grass green, the yellow golden leaf of tender green, the arrangement, petite flowers fresh, elegant, scattered in the branches, dotted here cool, fresh air.
I revel in the feelings of nature, the shock I tossed and soul seemed to have been emptied, the whole people rises, I seem to become a fairy, dressed in a red skirt, hand dance long-sleeved 泘 up in bird bird free.
I want to cloud the green mountains, I want to touch the light gauze, I want to take a handful of white dew, I want to pick a cloud, I want to weave the most beautiful and beautiful corridor of the corridor…
Nature’s article: nature’s own account
In the past, I have fresh air, clear rivers, majestic mountains, boundless grasslands, lush forests.
In the sky, birds fly freely;
In the water, the little fish swim about in a happy swim.
In the forest, the animals play happily, and human beings work hard.
Everything is so beautiful, so harmonious!
As The Times progressed, humans became smarter and more technologically advanced, but they ignored us.
All kinds of plants like bamboo shoots after raining out, black smoke billowing everywhere, stinking, sewage flow everywhere, garbage patch are, fresh air is polluted, the clear river water into the sewage, flowers, birds no longer fly sky no longer open…

Big tree grandpa said: “abominable human, I hate you!
Don’t be so selfish, ok, you are ok, what do we do, we saw, you can’t resist the tornado blew and sandstorms, not nature, you should be dead by now.”
“I was so white, so beautiful and so attractive,” said bai yun. “now, I was so black and dirty, I was so black and white, I hated it!”
He said, “I was so clear, so happy, so sweet.
But because human beings are too immoral, the nap is full of flow, I get dirty, smelly.
Little fish little shrimp are not playing with me, flowers and flowers are dead, leaving me alone here!

I cried.
We don’t want to be like this, and a little bit of a little bit of cleverness makes us unhappy, it’s bad for everybody’s life, is it worth it?
We don’t want to be in this strange place, we’re going back to the old days, back to that beautiful, harmonious society.
You should know that there is only one earth.
Once lost, we can never come back. Protect our earth!
Protect the environment, cherish water, cherish life, make our earth more beautiful, make the earth better.
Start from the small things around us, lose a little bit of garbage, pick up trash, recycle old things…