That’s very kind of movement


Sports give me a healthy body and give me an intelligent mind.My body and mind are free from the wither because of sports.I am not gaunt, I am no longer lone, and the laughter of laughter is a secret of shame.He galloped to the river and gaopeng ran wild.In the boundless stream of people enjoy the comfort of comfort, the stale shallow water in the tears in the stream.I felt the peace and safety in the movement.

It’s a great sport.It honed my will;Exercised my mind and body;It has strengthened my constitution.The journey of the movement is like the journey of life, never burning for the road, not for being tired and lazy.The distance between us, but with the will lyric, the emotional wither use motion coagulation.Because of sports, I’m not fretful.I will look around the world, the heart and time dialogue, with the feeling to understand the true meaning of life.

It’s a great sport.The ultimate, the journey at the expense of the struggle.The sails are full of green space, hope, strength, spring ploughing a seed, the harvest of the harvest of good harvest.Exercise is the best medicine. It is a good medicine.Cheer for the exercisers!We are tired and happy on the journey with time.

Sport is the feast of my life, and it has been with me for 30 years.I was especially fond of running this sport in my childhood.It was accompanied by my happy childhood into middle age.It enhances my physical ability, enriches my life, broadens my vision and enriches my mind and body.After every movement, it will bring me a different feeling, as if more interpretations of the meaning of life.The movement of childhood, in fact, rather than the game, is accompanied by the strong motivation of youth growth.Every time after school, the charm of the feeling of movement in play with the companion.Running, flying, splashing, but still cheering.I was running at a faster pace than my childhood peers.You come after me to play, I will run you, fun!Now come to think of it, don’t have a taste.

Remember, the hair way that runs through the home and the school!It was not the only way to get home from my childhood, but it was my path.To say it is a maoists, it is only suitable for two people walking side by side, each school after school, the more the wall, the three or five groups of friends, the noise, the laughter of the ear.The road is not long, but extends the harbor of the home.Childhood is short, but it is dependent on happiness.Remember to run in front of the kid, when we walked into the ground, when we walked into the front, shout, was scared to the face of the spirit, slow to the god, and a laugh.That happy memories, but now I can’t find it, the plain childhood doll, is heavy, the sky is still blue, white clouds leisurely, perennial the water streams, washed the fold of the time, memory has lived key lock throat, but can not lock passed years.The gauntlet has drowned out many old things.Shouting, running, and sweating!That memory lane seemed to be the source of my happiness.Come to think of it now, it is very childish, absurd and infinite!But that all the way is also my childhood game!It was the best way for me to spend my childhood, although it was not supported by the aesthetically beautiful movement theory.Because there were no toys, no children’s building blocks, robots, scooters, etc.Therefore, during the special period, it creates a strong, optimistic, confident and uplifting me.Memorable and memorable, memorable 80s, no glorious epic, no good family conditions, but we are happy.The memory of childhood is now buried in the dust of history, and when I grab it with my hands, it is like a fine sand of the fingers.I want to find the shadow of my childhood, but I can only put it together in pieces, but the beautiful scenery in my childhood is the most beautiful scenery in my life.On the playground, in the path of the sheep, in the rain, in the earth, the seeds of memory.

Peel off the hard shell, and the memory of the scent of a merry spirit burst forth.The memory of the stars, still resplendent.When I tap this fan, string of pearls fall down, perhaps I am the most common one.

In the 1990s, I entered the main entrance of junior middle school, the distance of the road, the traffic inconvenience, every weekend I ran home, more than 20 miles of the journey to the instant.I never felt a little pressure in my heart, the muddy road was accompanied by rain and wind, which laid a solid foundation for my future life.Because of this, after graduating from junior high school, I entered a normal door, with excellent results has been running the sports I grew, it witnessed my student days, also add unlimited fun for my normal life, therefore, teacher for three years, I long-distance running champion.Because of sports, my life is more wonderful.

Now, along the way, with the wind and snow, I have been working in the teacher’s post for 15 years.In the past 15 years, outside completes the labor of duty, the spare time still insist to take exercise every day, walk run still is my favorite, although have no the galloping track old ying, but the end is not losing his touch.Because of this, from small to big never lose a liquid.Maybe it’s heaven’s blessing!But now that the ancient tradition of sport has permeated every field of social life, the cries of the national movement have been a powerful one.There are many empty places in the town that are crowded, dancing, enjoying, working out and entertaining.

Therefore, I hope that old and young people should get more exercise, nourish body and mind, prolong life and make life more exciting.

I exercise, I am the Lord, the movement is good!

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