A healthy life


One: cherish life, healthy life
Life is precious, because anyone’s life is a one-way trip, no turning back, no return ticket.
It is a must for every one of us to cherish our own life and healthy life.
Safety first, this is a well-known simple truth, but not everyone can do it.
The first thing to do is to pay attention to traffic safety. According to global statistics, the number of people killed in traffic accidents is as high as 500,000, and the number of injured is 15 million.
Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride a bicycle in the street, red light stop, green line, and so on these common-sense rules of the road, in reality often is ignored, be in violation of, take any chances, so it is easy to putting themselves at risk, led to the tragedy occurrence, regret too late.
Secondly, we should pay attention to fire prevention, fire prevention and safety.
Whether it’s at home or at school, the rules of fire safety in daily life should be kept in mind, and learn basic self-help essentials.
It is necessary to stay away from danger, and to be able to be safe from danger.
Also, we should pay attention to the security of social life. Nowadays, the situation is more complicated. Whether it is a person at home or out in public, we should be vigilant and learn to fend for ourselves.
When dealing with strangers, be sure to keep in mind that your teachers and parents don’t trust people.
Healthy living also needs to develop good behavior habits.
We as flowers of the motherland, is the future of the country, must first have their regular work and rest time, study hard, to rest more good, still spare some time to do sports, enhance physical fitness, maintain a healthy body.
Not only does it exercise our will, but also promotes our healthy growth.
Read books, read good books, broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge, and improve our ability to write.
Learn to adjust your mood in life, always be happy in the mood, happy life every day!
Life is its own, don’t wait for the life to pass, just feel her precious.
Cherish life, healthy life, we can do what we like;
Only have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery of life journey;
In the future, we can truly undertake the task of building the motherland.

Health and life
Health is a dynamic balance for any organism.
This is a balanced state of input and output of energy and substance (and even allow growth).
Health also means having expectations of surviving.
There is a broader concept of emotional animals, such as humans.
Health and non-health are not absolute opposites, but rather the states of relative overstates.
The W.H.O. charter defines health as “health not only for the elimination of disease or weakness, but for physical, mental and social health.”
At the heart of health is the area of medicine: environmental health, nutrition, disease prevention, and public health.
People can look into these aspects to help assess the extent of health.
In some countries, health includes management of the state of the body after meeting more basic food, shelter, and basic medical care.
Many of these practices are designed to pursue happiness, in fact, to control the side effects of affluence.
The idea of health began to become popular in western countries in the late 19th century, when the middle class began to emerge in the industrialized world.
Since then, an emerging and prosperous Volkswagen has had time and resources to pursue happiness and other forms of self-improvement.
Many early consumer products, from cornflakes to mouthwash, are derived from public interest in growing health.
Health can be maintained by scientific tests or practices, such as checking cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, etc.
It also includes controversial practices, such as avoiding certain foods and taking certain vitamins or alternatives.
Health subjectivity can use such a hypothetical examples to illustrate: someone in order to avoid the food additives and eat selectively to prolong life, at the same time, don’t scruple to get on the bus a few hundred miles.
But statistics show that the death rate or accident rate caused by driving is far greater than the risk of eating food with additives.
But people think it’s “healthy” to avoid certain foods or additives, while avoiding driving is just not convenient.
The pursuit of health can improve health with a placebo effect, although the techniques used are not yet scientifically proven.
Some people who feel good about themselves may slow down mental stress and improve their sense of health, reaching a heightened state of mind.
This state has been proven to have beneficial effects on different systems of the body: blood pressure, gastrointestinal function, and immune response.
Health comes from healthy living habits. Health needs an optimistic and cheerful attitude.

Focus on food safety and create a healthy life
On May 25, zhejiang provincial bureau of industry and commerce announced: nestle gold medal growth 3+ milk powder for unqualified products.
Ten days later, on June 5, henan TV reported that it was resold and processed.
For a moment, the whole nation was in uproar.
Nestle is the world’s largest food company, and bright dairy is China’s first dairy company.
These two brands are well-known brands.
Now, what else can we eat?
Lend me a pair of eyes.
I can see why this song is popular today.
In this dazzling world, we really need a pair of eyes.
This pair of eyes, can let us see what can eat what cannot eat;
The last time we can do it, we won’t do it again.
But where is the bright eye?
Recently, the media exposure of a series of fake food harm: bad “fat” big head baby milk powder, fan gaozhou county of adulterated with toxic chemical fertilizers, a factory production of canned “poison” to market as well as the influence of guangzhou fakes poisoning caused many deaths.
Faced with a market full of food that we can’t get out of, we can’t help but ask: how did these foods come about?
How does it go to the market?
How can we believe that all these foods are safe in the face of a variety of goods in the supermarket?
Food is the sky.
There is no small matter.
The school gate is a variety of small vendors, sell barbecue, sell Fried, sell iron plate.
Every day at noon and in the afternoon, the street was always bustling, the students crowded forward, you one yuan, I at the pentagon, the owner of the stall was very busy.
But the food is how not safe, not to mention, behind the food production, with what material, but the stall on the side of the road, and vehicle kicked up a dust, stuck right in the food, then into the students’ intestines and stomach.
According to the survey, the main reason for the increase of the number of small fat people on campus is that the food on the stall sells well.
The little fat man was fat, but he was not strong. He fell ill and went to the hospital.
Still yesterday, my class of the chi carrey students at the school gate to eat two more kebabs, the same evening at the hospital clinic put up the drip.
I have seen production workshop in the roast chicken wings in a row of low rent the house by the river, the door is a discharge of oil smooth bright wings, went in to know that these wings are wash in the river, inside black, fester, the moisture in the air, sending out the smell.
This produces the chicken wing, the person eat can not be the stomach?
If it’s food poisoning, it’s even worse.
To identify food safety needs a pair of bright eyes, in the school to carry out “concern food safety, create healthy and happy life” activity, we have a deeper understanding of food safety.
We hope that the competent authorities will be able to crack down on the fake food, so that everyone can eat safely.

The four: sunshine sports healthy life
Class is over!
When the bright sunshine is full of campus, when the rhythm of the sports breath rings in our ears, rows of neat lines will be reflected in your eyes.
Look, the students are walking on the toes, running into the playground.
Our sunshine sports activities are going to begin!
The students were all alive, their faces beaming with bright smiles.
The song of the melodious rabbit dance came, and the students all gathered in a circle and put their hands on the shoulders of other students.
Then the students will carry their left foot for a while, then they will carry their right foot, then jump forward and back.
At this time, the lively playground has become the students to show their own big stage!
The front stage is just a warm-up.
Now, it’s time for the students’ favorite game.
Students went to their area like “little tigers”.
The playground is suddenly noisy.
Look at this side, those students who play “with the boat and the ji”, pedal to the foot and move forward.
The slogan “one, two, one, two” rang through the skies.
Look at that, jump rope, kick the shuttlecock, throw sand bags, hawk chicken…
The students all played with the heat.
What excites me most is our game – “alley-oop”.
Don’t get me wrong, we’re not in the air race.
But in the hands of the bottle in the relay!
I have a group with wang xinyu, shi tuo and ye yiqing.
I can’t wait to pick up the heavy bottle, hands hold, raised over the top of the head, feet up a jump, with the strength of the milk to throw up, the bottle “whoosh” fly to ye yi qing.
When it was too late, she leapt and caught the bottle firmly.
I ran like a lightning bolt behind the Rio tinto.
Oh, no!
Ye yiqing threw a “low ball”, seeing that the bottle was about to hit the ground, wang xinyu, with a quick eye, rushed forward, “looking for the moon in the sea”, holding the bottle tightly in his arms.
We shouted for wang xinyu’s wonderful “save the ball”!
Sunshine sports, let fly our sunshine of the heart, composed a song of seven colorful sunshine melody!

Chapter five: create a healthy and better life
Food is an essential part of our life, but the quality of the food we eat, if slightly do not pay attention, it may cause lead to some diseases or food poisoning, food in the transportation, storage, transportation and so on each link, may encounter some bacterial infections, causing food contamination, and our ignorance of food health of primary and middle school students, may is one of the biggest victims.
With the development of modern, people drink safe knowledge gradually reduce, so we must strengthen the healthy diet, do eat less food that is harmful to the body, how to find food knowledge, make friends and food health.
I remember it was a small thing in the year before, at noon, the sun was burning the earth, and my mother and I set foot in the door of the fast food restaurant, and a cool breeze was coming.
I hastened to the center of the order, and the dazzling array of dishes came into my eyes, and I ordered five dishes in one breath, “scrambled eggs with tomatoes”, “Fried potatoes”, “red meat”…
Mom carrying food to cook on the table, I immediately eager to grasp the chopsticks, the stuffed rice dish, who I’m going to be over half our bellies, flushed, abut called to get up, mother see I’m a little nervous, just ask me what is in?
I said, “I have a stomachache”. My mother immediately put down the chopsticks, took my hand, and went straight to the hospital.
Ask XiaWen to the hospital, the doctor, give I measured the body temperature, and I look at the belly, after a double asked, finally give me a conclusion, is food poisoning, mother to help me to go home, an enter a door I start STH over and over again that no gas in the stomach, I ran into the enfolding her tummy, W – C…
Carried out a few days later, my area of food safety knowledge “into the thousands of communities, into thousands of households” activities, mainly propaganda food safety activities, grandpa grandma coming in our community, and all the crowd started this activity, “oh, Mr Zhang, we have to change life habit, after you see the leftovers to eat less as far as possible, always thought out pitifully, take out from the refrigerator to burn also can eat, now appears to be no nutrition, but also harmful to health.”
Have community, a 68 – year – old old woman in a talk to the other side of the teacher zhang salivate, big ye also gladly raised his thumb in the community: “after such activities is good, want to do more, the food and drug safety issues we common people most concerned about, on the other side of the staff also taught how to distinguish true and false, such as ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps sinensis, tonic”.
My mother and I don’t miss the chance to ask the doctor the last time of food poisoning, the doctor said some in the food can’t eat together, otherwise will happen poisoning, because last time I eat eggs and potatoes together, causes food poisoning, to stomach.
Oh, there’s a lot of knowledge in the food!
The doctors tell us that food safety of three elements: 1, to see food packaging with “blue hat” 2, the kingdom of food health word under see blue hat to have batch number 3, the production date, standards, and relevant departments such as the address of the phone.
These little knowledge tell us a lot of reason, let us strengthen food knowledge and understanding.
Food safety is the foundation of people’s physical and mental safety, and the organic combination of scientific and technological progress and food safety is an important link in healthy and healthy life.
Science and food technology is a double-edged sword, the development of science and food has impetus to the progress of human civilization, science and technology of food sometimes also pollute the environment, but provides a lot of food source in humans, maintain the basic need of human life.
It is our common wish to pay attention to food safety and to create a better and better life.

Let health walk with me
Health is the spice of life, making life interesting.
Health is the lubricant of life.
Are you aware of health and health?
As the saying goes, “food is the day”.
When I walk past a fast food restaurant, I can’t help but look at the printed chicken legs and hamburgers I can get into.
But, according to relevant data show that the “favored” 14 days on average in a oil, McDonald’s frying oil containing heavy metals “arsenic” within the prescribed standard up to 11 times as much, because oil severely substandard housing, the vast majority of food processing contain carcinogenic substance.
Does not eat this kind of food, is equal to oneself spend money to buy the crime?
Many other students get up in the morning and empty their stomachs and buy snacks in the street.
Because of this, our class is often sick with diarrhea, not only affected the study, but also severely affected the physical health.
After some investigation, I found that these students were not willing to eat the staple food when they ate snacks, and always buy snacks when they had the money.
In fact, eating snacks can be harmful. For example, snack foods contain food additives, which can affect the digestion and absorption of people.
In this way, this snack is the “culprit” of the students’ illness.
Some people say: “after a meal exercise is very good, can promote digestion.”
In fact is not, “one step” after a meal, not only can’t let you live “ninety-nine”, because caused by the increased amount of exercise will people heart function impairment, hardening of the arteries, the blood pressure drops wait for a phenomenon.
Healthy living requires not only a reasonable diet, but also physical exercise.
Every morning is my happiest time.
Early in the morning, I went to the lotus lake park with my family for the morning exercise. I was so happy to breathe the fresh air.
Because I know, “life lies in movement”.
Morning exercise makes me clear-headed and good for the brain. Every time my teacher asks a question, I give back to my teacher with a standard answer.
Not only that, but the morning exercise gave me a good body, and I was able to eliminate the evil from my illness, and I made an indelible contribution to my study.
How could such a good deed not be worth learning?
“Don’t waste your life in hesitation and fear.”
It’s a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Students, take action, focus on health, pay attention to health, lay a good foundation for a good life, make yourself live more fully and more colorful!

Article 7: pay attention to the quality of water and call for a healthy life
Today, the teacher brought us to the industrial park to conduct a scientific and technological practice on water pollution.
Along the way, countless garbage can be piled up into a small mountain, and where are the waste from the industrial waste that runs through several factories along the way?
Down the road, we came to a gutter side.
The gutter water is brownish yellow and can smell a strong stench from a dozen meters.
Then we looked at the surface of the water and collected sewage.
There are countless white floats and leaves, plastic bags and mineral water bottles, and sewage is still coming out of a hole.
Apparently, the garbage and industrial waste we’ve seen all the way into this gutter, along with this gutter, into the Yangtze river and the sea.
Sewage were collected to go back to school, we will made a comparison with natural mineral water, found that the mineral water, colorless and tasteless, very transparent, and sewage non-ferrous and opaque, there are a lot of peculiar smell, put for a while there will be many sediment.
We put two goldfish into the sewage and mineral water separately.
We found that the goldfish in the mineral water still swam freely, while the goldfish in the dirty water struggled to get to the top.
Visible sewage is harmful to living things.
Imagine our life all water from the Yangtze river, the Yangtze river water is so dirty, perhaps will not be purified completely clean clean, also there will be many harmful bacteria and so on, how could we drank the water does not get sick?
Let us start from now, from the small things, to protect water resources to do a part!

I exercise my health
Exercise one hour a day and live a healthy life!
What a simple and profound way to raise a living.
One sunny day, the sky is clear, the warm sun shines on the earth.
Our school held a sports match on the big playground of the department.
The game is about jumping rope.
However, I have not been elected this time, I can not give myself a force for my class, I feel very disappointed, only in the presence of the playing of my classmates cheering.
Just listen to a whistle and the race begins. The students begin to jump with rhythm as the rope swings.
At first, the students didn’t jump very well and were often tripped by the rope…
We began to be a little disappointed.
Then we can see the teachers in the field, cheering and cheering for the students, “come on!
Come on!”
It was at this moment that I truly felt the power of the collective.
However, today our classmates may be nervous, perhaps because the preparatory work is not done well, they always jump wrong, so they delay a lot of time.
In the end, our class took second place.
We didn’t get the first place, but the friendship first, the second, as long as the students tried their best, we could.
There are many kinds of sports activities. Let me give you one more.
Facing the cool autumn wind, with the warm sunshine, an exciting, gripping “leggings” race pulled, kicked off the curtain
On Thursday afternoon, our school held an exciting, gripping “leggings” in the playground.
Running race.
We didn’t know how many students were injured before the game, but it was worth it.
We warmed up before the game: stretch out your hand, bend your waist, press your legs, and stretch your legs.
Every time I think about game soon, nervous red, my partner Wang Zhihong said, patted me on the shoulder, encouraged me to say: “Guo Hongna don’t be nervous, as long as you work hard, we’re certain of victory.”
I smiled and nodded to him.
When we came to the playground, we skillfully fastened the elastic band.
“Du –!
With the whistle, the game began.
We shouted slogans like “one or two, one or two” to finish the race.
After our class ran, we watched the other classes run.
Some of the classes fell, but they stood up bravely and kept running towards the end.
By the sixth grade, they could run to the end like an eagle, some like rabbits…
The game was over, and our class finished second.
Through this competition, I know the selfless strength of class solidarity.