Running tide


If there’s any sport that doesn’t hesitate to claim that it’s the most popular in the world, it’s a marathon.In China, the running craze is also surging.Took only a few years, running from completely absent with fashion fitness fanatic circle, in the busy before won’t have time to pay attention to healthy circle of large V, then gradually spread to the relevant circles.Turn on your micro blog or WeChat friend zone. Almost everyone has one or two friends who run regularly, and running has become a habit for urbanites.So, take stock of the current fashion lifestyle, running is definitely one.
In just 13 hours, the 30,000 spots in the Beijing marathon were fully booked.The Shanghai marathon opened the way to sign up for the event, but it didn’t take two days to post a notice on the Internet. “please don’t rush to the scene.”Every day early in the morning or at night, the city streets, one after another of the runners began to appear, they wear professional running shoes, put the iPhone in the arms package, listen to music, some people even run organized their own small group.In foreign countries, running is already very popular.The marathon RACES in countries such as Europe are very professional and people-oriented, providing fruit and other energy supplies every once in a while.Japanese runners have been strong since high school and college.
Two years ago when the Internet opened a Chen to participate in the training run, in the middle of the night and then finish the marathon a video, people exclaim, can’t imagine, when conveniently forward don’t forget to add: “even Edison Chen can run a marathon, I also want to try.”However, this video is actually released by Nike.
As with the soft advertisements of hipsters, there is also a marketing strategy for commercial brands to share in the social circle, as well as some running related apps.After the launch of NIKE+ RUNNING, people first set up RUNNING charts in people who use the APP, sharing their own routes or newly purchased equipment.Gradually, more and more brands have launched their own running apps, and even public social apps such as weibo and WeChat have been able to share their running achievements.
While running from social network gradually spread, but congenital advantage of the low threshold of let it go further than other tide, gradually walk from online to offline, from small circle extends to the public, and even spread to the corporate culture from the private life.Vanke, for example, founded the long-distance running association two years ago. It’s hard to imagine a business that would spontaneously promote sports as part of a corporate culture.MAO daqing, the executive vice President of vanke, completed more than one marathon. He even went on the cover of a professional running magazine as a senior runner.
Running community begins to expand gradually, from an extended to another circle, the circle movement turned into a city lifestyle, for runners, they don’t care about the matter of internal cause, instead of standing in the consumer entertainment way of looking at things, the entire chain fun phenomenon.
Running is the loneliest activity relative to some other sports, but because of the addition of social platforms, it has become a group pursuit, even changing the atmosphere of the city.For example, the Olympic forest park in Beijing, chaoyang park in Beijing, the century park in Shanghai, the two Banks of guangzhou in guangzhou…I don’t want to be a runner every day.In recent years, there are a lot of people complain about big city burgeons too rapidly, only tall buildings but the lack of human, but those with office or shopping mall irrelevant people spontaneously gathered up and running, offers the possibility of a return to life for the city.
Haruki murakami in his “when I talk about running, I talk about” what the book talks about the benefits of the sport: “first is don’t need a partner or competitor, also do not need special tools and equipment, not to mention specially to a particular place.As long as there is a pair of shoes suitable for running, there is a way to run as long as you like.

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