The origin of parkour


“Parkour” was originally launched by French soldiers in the Vietnam war, which became popular in Britain in 2002, and later promoted by David belle.French film Banlieue 13 (violent block 13) is a display of PARKOUR street culture, with DAVID BELLE as one of the founders of LE PARKOUR.In Parkour’s world, the exercisers are called Traceur.Parkour’s action combines all the movements of freedom, elevates creativity, and encourages people to find their own beliefs.In the field of Parkour, many Traceur tried to perform flips were not included, spin the action, it also expresses the Parkour is not restricted to certain fixed action, even you can also add their own “martial arts” unique to the Parkour.Parkour’s action pursues freedom. The effect of surprise is often beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
David Belle, 36, was born in France.When I was a child, I often liked to run and jump on the school roof.His father was a soldier, and he was inspired by his father to create Parkour.Starring in the movie Banlieue13 (violent block 13), now go to show biz.Sebastian Foucan, French.Sebastian Foucan and his good friend David Belle developed Parkour’s concept in the same year.They have been through 10 years, creating a new way of life.Influenced by Asian philosophy, he decided to convert his own beliefs from negative forces to “water flows like water”.He then chose to use his beliefs to create a new philosophy.And this point is based on the idea of freedom.He has been conveying his own philosophy and promoting Parkour, which has become one of the international spokesmen for Parkour.Sebastien said: no one is developing anything, you are inspired, and sometimes you can improve yourself.He was a pioneer in building Parkour ideas.YAMAKASI was David Belle team spent time, but it was because of a disagreement, the result left the team, YAMAKASI is the Bantu Zaire, means to explore the potential of human body and they want to be a philosophy of the soul limit strength of the strong mind firmly.A motive for Yamakasi, shao said, that is a natural, naturally, seven people had known as a child, they run and jump when they play together, together, they agreed to try to explore the limits of physical fitness.Lauren also says that they are doing physical training just to become stronger and protect their families, not to fight with others.