Bootleg fashion has officially reached fever time


When I was a kid, every time my family went on vacation, my mother would hit her incredible fake Louis vuitton bag. We filmed her albums in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Quebec city, a white T-shirt, faded mom jeans and waist pockets. She didn’t care that it was such a blatant fake. This is her girlfriend a gift (before) before she moved to Canada from South Korea in 1975, although she has a real Louis vuitton Speedy, but she is more interested in “bag” hands-free practical, rather than a real a very good and damn flight Fanny.
Obviously, my mother was ahead of her time, because the fake was already from fashion break to essentials, thanks largely to the high-end theft by Demna Gvasalia of Vetements and Alessandro Michele of Gucci. Gvasalia was the first to bring his high-end pirate brand, such as Thrasher, Champion and Canada Goes, to the market. (Legit works with Champion and Canada Goose.) He brought his trademark subversive technology to balenciaga through his cheeky version of his fall 2017 Bernie Sanders logo. Last year, michelle began playing with luxury Gucci boots when he showed off the “fake” Gucci T-shirt (inspired by the popular Chinatown style of the 1980s) for the 2017 resort. In may, he raised himself with a series of blatant “Guccy” jerseys.
This mockery of fake culture has directly affected the rise of street clothes – because despite its four-digit price tag and luxury customers, Vetements is a street brand. If you squint, Gucci will start to look like one. Hannah Watkins, senior editor of the global trend forecasting agency WGSN printing and graphics, said: “the line between high and low fashion has become blurred and almost gone. “Street culture is so influential in fashion shows and vice versa. There’s no line. ”
The harlem wear designer Dan Day (best known as Dapper Dan, Dapper Dan) is one of the first to blur the line. Day in the 1980s became synonymous with luxury logos with his over-the-top hip-hop design. His idea first appeared in 1983 when one of his customers bragged about his new Louis vuitton clutch. “I thought,” wow, if he’s too excited about this little bag, imagine if he has a whole outfit made of logos? “” the day began customised the full version of” gucci “bomber, LV” sweater and Fendi “sportswear, such as Run DMC, LL Cool J, Bobby Brown and sal-n-pepa. “I didn’t do a knock on the door,” said Day. “I got a knock on the door. “The original style was dull. I created something more exciting than the brand itself. 

Twenty-five years later, the fakes have reached a full circle. In may is by far the epic, the real fashion moment, Michele salute to the design of the Dapper Dan, on the runway for GUCCI resort in 2018 to send a leather bomber jacket, there is huge double G printed above the balloon sleeve. This is the use of a luxury grant Dapper Dan’s original Louis Vuitton logo. Shannon Schafer, Nordstrom’s senior fashion director, laughs: “it’s a madman. “But maybe now to break through all the noise, it’s really destructive.
Even Louis Vuitton is a crazy, iconic game. For example, a recent collaboration with Jeff Koons. The pop artist’s “JK” initials appear in the brand’s badge.
“The big designers have almost embraced the idea of piracy, because they’ve realized that it’s pushing their brand,” Watkins said. “They didn’t take themselves too seriously. But they’re smart – they know it’s a trend now. ”
Trickle-down has been a hard core – Aritzia has rushed through Vetements with her own DHL-esque sweat capsule. And independent brand and the millennium artists have also picked up funding call: ava nai is helmut lang digital editing, luxury landmark day do mix build, Imran, d (Imran Moosvi) sold his slick the thief to the YG, Lil Yachty and Tyga. And Austin Butts, 17, made his own Yeezy tee, which Kanye likes very much, and he included them in his pop-ups. Not long ago, “stop” would be a response, but now it’s a different story. “If big designers are going to catch up with these people now, I think it’s going to be bad for their brand,” Watkins said. Whether it’s a fake or real design spread on social media, it’s raising their profile and creating hype, which every brand wants.
The rise of counterfeiting has also added obvious signs of counterfeiting. Instagram is full of the sw mil millennials taking selfies and showing off their bad – they’re good duds. Even Vogue fashion news writer Liana Satenstein recently posted a photo of a fake (a “Versace” T-shirt and a “Chanel” handbag) from Tbilisi, Georgia. This trend is more ironic than true clothing – it trumps authenticity, even bad taste.
In a shameless way of making things, I took my mom’s “vintage” Fanny pack (which I dug out of the warehouse years ago) to an industry party. Its side was crushed and the letter on the “leather” sticker had worn away, but it only added to its subversive charm. Of course, that’s what everyone wants to talk about. A friend said, “it’s perfect. “It’s more important than the real thing.”