“Vancouver local fashion week outlook future” : looking ahead


Before becoming a young worker in vancouver, Joleen Mitton was a model who worked around the world. Milton was a heritage of the plains kerry, Scotland and France, but saw the young children ignoring their inheritance and their hair dyed gold because they looked to miley Cyrus despondent. Therefore, the combination of Milton decided her culture and fashion wisdom, launch native vancouver fashion week (July 26 to July 29), in an honest way of modern local fashion story and resilience into the spotlight.
New York designer Korina Emmerich is one of 40 artists presenting her designs at the show. Emmerich has been busy making his first appearance at New York’s Spring Benz Fashion Week since she joined the Project Runway Project in 2014. We caught up with Emmerich to talk about her production line, EMME, cultural use, and the anticipation of vancouver’s aboriginal fashion week.
You say that each series is inspired by three elements: music, art and culture. How is your collection reflected in your collection?
“I grew up in powwows as a tinkling dancer, and I thought that the bright colors really affected me. I was also in the governor of Oregon, where the pendleton woolen mill was, so pendleton was everywhere. When I graduated from high school, my father gave me a pendleton blanket. The blanket had been around and I really saw the impact. Since I was a little girl, the rustling blanket has been my favorite, and I’ve seen the stories of the blankets I have in my collection.
Tell me something about the series you’ll be showing on VIFW.
“It’s inspired by traditional trade blankets, beads, and how traditional forms of art have inspired contemporary art, more specifically abstract minimalism. “Love to see color is the title of this series” – I work mainly with bright colors – grew up those t-shirts that read “love is not a color”, I always think it’s stupid, because I believe that love should see color – whether race, nationality or the LGBTQ – this is what I want the one thing of this series. This is something you whitewash in Hollywood. We just need to really be aware of the differences between us to create this love. ”

Any work that you like?
“I’m making this jacket – I’ve been working on it for a month – it’s all done. It is by my collection from the past in the recycling of these small an inch of an inch square made of leather, and I are building this kind of jacket, looks like feathers, feathers, it way, but I am creating a pattern in the coat. So it’s going to be very dynamic. This is definitely my favorite work, because it’s the one I have the most time. ”
There is a lot of discussion about cultural appropriation. How do you define this?
“This is one of the things we need to talk about, because many of the perpetrators do not necessarily do it from a place of hate, but a place of ignorance. Continue to discuss why it’s not cool to wear headgear, and why it’s not cool to say that the underwear series “Navajo” is not cool. Don’t even let me start mascots. This is just racist. I don’t wear a purple heart because it looks lovely on the coat. Wearing a headdress is a similar violation. Of course, we are all inspired by beautiful things. We have a long tradition of beautiful costumes and beads, and people will always be inspired. I’m just urging people to do their research. Be encouraged, but don’t steal or disrespect culture. ”
What VIFW are you looking forward to?
“I’m happy to see all the other designers who are doing amazing things. Many times, people want you to be a local designer. Can I be a local designer? Isn’t that cool? So I’m very happy to meet you and see what so many people are doing, because it’s a very large community. ”
What’s the next step?
“I’d say vaguely that I’m making some custom travel clothes for musicians. So it was really exciting for me to try to stay open. I find that I have more opportunities, when I open up, I open to the world; A lot of things started pouring in. I always say that if you go on working, chances are, because when they come, you’re ready. Next, I’ll show it in New York this September. It’s going to be the same set, but I’m excited. “