A healthy thing fitness experts always do on Thanksgiving


Who do not love Thanksgiving – a few days of the year, you can put aside your usual health habits and not shame or judge, go out?

Although we are completely indulgent indulgent holidays, try at least one diet or fitness related move to stay energetic, happy and successful in counteracting the sumptuous care of a monster food baby after dinner. To give you some inspiration, we ask fitness influential, nutritionists and health workers tell us one thing, they always do to Turkey’s physical and mental health.
“I ran out running early before the celebration started and I later learned that I probably did not have the time or energy to run and my” my “time, and on the day of thankfulness it was important to thank you for everything you did! It makes me feel more grateful to be able to move, breathe, and share in life, and the falling leaves and fallen leaves do not affect the mood. ”
“I love the recipe that looks super tasty from Pinterest and I find ways to make it healthier with organic and natural ingredients.It’s interesting because it’s part of the whole family.We are cooking, creative and healthy! ”

“During the holidays, I always try to keep my yoga practice, even if it means unrolling my mattress in a space that is not occupied by family members. It can always help me to stay focused during difficult emotional times of the year Location, which helps to validate my selection of the necessary holiday meal, and the twists and turns of yoga make the digestive holiday much easier. ”
“My mom, my brother, my dad and I are running our local turkey together. My mother and I always take the lead (sorry for the boys!) And in the end we are a little bit competitive and I might throw a” eat my dust! Last year I passed her in the last mile. But everything is fun! ”

“On Thanksgiving, I pay close attention to my physical and mental relationship.It felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable to deprive myself of feeling, so I made both satisfying and exciting choices for me.This balance was psychologically and physically felt They are all right. They are free to make choices, not numbers, rules, should be guilty. ”
“I loved to work with my brother before we went to dinner with my aunt and uncle, and my father built a small gym a few years ago in our basement, and now I and my brother are no longer living together. Going to college and I’m in New York) and it’s a fun way to combine, catch up and sweat a little before filling up our face with food.In addition, he always has the perfect form for my weightlifting or new exercises to try Pointer (Thanks, Yue!). ”
“I just made sure to run, walk before and after meals, and then pace between the main course and the dessert.I never had a crazy indulgence, and I think if you give yourself a little bit of rest between the main course and the dessert, it allows You’ve been with your family for a while, except for actually having delicious sweets. ”
“Our Thanksgiving tradition always includes exercise, except for food: we go hiking in the morning and then a stretch, usually led by my daughter, Katie, and we Put on noisy music, dance around the house, inside and outside! It’s a great way to stay connected with your family! ”
“This Thanksgiving, I will secretly sauna session .It is a 30-minute sweat, so if I cook all day, there is no time for my ass to go to the gym, which is easy.And a good sweat will definitely help me Mentally prepare for home motivation! ”
“I always try to run before meals, but no matter what my workout schedule, my family and I try to do some active things during the day. Some years ago, a large group of people, this is a casual touch football game. When it’s time, this is just a walk in the neighborhood.Nothing can move around and help prevent total food coma! ”
“Every year, I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade from a friend’s house overlooking the parade route. Her apartment is about two miles from my home and I often walk there and back to the right place. The best way to wake up in one of my favorite days of the year! “