Can a trainer lift 65 pounds on her head: “I love to do stupid things with my body!”


Divisions have been impressive. But it can not be outdone, as fitness coach Katie Sonier often weighs 65 pounds. And completely split.

Former gymnast based in Miami said her aerobics was her lacrosse player in college.

“I like to make stupid but impressive things with my body!” Sonier, 25, told people. “Whenever I fall on the ground, I do some splitting or gymnastics, and my teammates think it’s funny.”
The beginning of the joke turns out to be an important place to add flexibility to fitness, something she communicates to her clients, albeit on a much smaller scale (do not try to lift themselves).

“It’s a foolish thing to do weight lifting when we break up, but it also shows my daily efforts in fitness – stability, strength, flexibility and flexibility.” The human body is a machine and, with a lot of hard work, It is very cool! “Sonier said.

She added that many people who feel tired and bitter after exercise think they over-train, but in reality they lack flexibility.

“Unfortunately, flexibility is often a neglected factor in fitness.” But it’s important because when you’re more agile you can improve your reach. This means you can move better, which means more opportunities to progress and build your muscles, making your risk of injury even lower. ”
For those trying to be more agile, Sonier also created a six-week flexible training program that recommends a few minutes of daily stretching starting with small forwards and sideways.

She said: “Just like anything else, the more you work, the more improvements you make.”