New fad from cod and sausage to chestnut and mushrooms


He chandeliers gleamed in the dining room Claridge. The long table is filled with autumn flowers and gently glowing candles. It looks like the best wedding except we do not have to listen to the lecture; it’s actually a dinner that celebrates the launch of the hotel’s new recipe.

And on the menu, what brought the weary professional together? Is lobster risotto or DomPérignon?

No, “Chicken Pie! All their cooing staff waiting to slide to the perfect version of each plate.

You will think that our love for pie is hard-wired. From an evolutionary point of view there is no reason why we should have such a desire for them, except that we all need to be cautious and that’s the signal of pie.

They are inherently gentle. You do not need a knife to solve the pie. You can push the fork by the side of the top of the pastry or potato, just scoop a small piece of padding. The work is done.

We returned to childhood, when mothers shredded our food and made sure that each was easy to eat. A dish that is strong for my emotions, like the taste of my child’s baby clothes, is my mum’s pie. This is an old-fashioned piece of pie, pastry top and bottom, rich in onion and carrot juice. It can make me cry almost.

I hope my own children will feel happy one day, my shepherd’s faction, and the dishes I make for them more than any other.
?F or me, a pie does not have to have pastries, it can have a mashed potatoes (or one of potato and other root vegetables mix), or overlapping potato chips decorative roof. If it has pastries, it can be only on the top, or completely enclosed with top and bottom pastries.
What is the second secret of what a good cake? Pie in the assembly, the fillings should not be very hot. M will fall into hot fill instead of sitting on its surface, the fat in your pastry will melt. The seasoning must be confident – a bland filling is a painful disappointment – the cakes should be properly sealed (although the bubbling in the dark golden pool is expected to increase); the edge of the pie tray on the top of the potato should be taken.

Of course it’s worth learning how to improve your pie making and expanding your tracks. Now every day is much darker than before. As the cloud came in, the pie was polished and almost turned into caramel – not only to relieve the cold weather but to change it as well.