Coco De Mer’s “dark and dream” series


London’s luxury lingerie brand Coco DE Mer is known for producing a range of energy and energy. Their flagship boutique was founded in 2001 by Sam Roddick, in Covent Garden, London.
In may, a silent investor and current chief executive, Lucy Litwack, saw a deal. The brand continues the sexy glamour of the fall of 17 years, made up of classic and modern silhouettes. The series, called “dark and dream”, combines the best fabrics of the season, including lace, tulle and silk, shimmering details, intricate patterns and glossy glossy finishes.
Tell us how Coco DE Mer established…
The name Coco DE Mer is collected from an exotic plant with a surprisingly similar seed
Intimate female form. The precious Coco DE Mer porn wraps it perfectly
The thought of freedom of thought inspires exploration of pornography, sexuality and fashion. Coco haier is
Sensuality, the beauty of fashion and passion, forms a decadence
It’s an exciting mix.
What was the inspiration behind the fall series?
Coco DE Mer explores The darkness through The positive light of The Secretum AW17. Inspired by what was once considered a sinful erotic image, now called beauty, the new range is dark, ornate and luxurious.

“Secret” – Latin secret – stands out from the famous porn book “modi” in the Italian Renaissance, where a range of sexual positions are clearly delineated in the carvings. The original version was destroyed by the Catholic church, but again and again the prints were copied, showing the society’s interest in this erotic depiction.
Tell us about palettes, details and materials?
The most erotic parts of the body are hidden in beautiful decor, with complex works juxtaposed with cheeky and cheeky elements. The palette includes a wealth of gemstone hues, from glass Windows and ornate jewelry, sitting in dark emeralds and deep, intense navy, while soft tones come from religious stone carvings and buildings. Secretum blurs the line between day and night – creating several versatile, dual-purpose underwear that can be worn in underwear or a jacket.
Where are the pieces?
Our underwear line is designed in London and produced in Portugal.
Which is your favorite series?
I think this “Messaline” is one of my favorites, because it can be worn in the bedroom or as a festive evening dress. The Nereide is a classic of Coco DE Mer.