Deliver on amazon’s amazing Prime Now two-hour deliver


Milwaukee, Wisconsin – amazon Prime Now the Milwaukee area of customer’s requirements of one of the most popular products – online retail giant’s service, provide free orders within two hours, the other is charge of potato chips.
When you need a salty snack, minutes.
Amazon spokeswoman Julie ROM (Julie Law) in the company is located in the south of Milwaukee on Thursday 9 months old Prime Now center said, “we really are in two hours for what people need customized”, it is a popular global mini warehouse, seemingly by accident “tens of thousands of” project
Thanks to the pressure of Christmas at last-minute shoppers, amazon wants customers to know that its quick delivery is ready to help procrastinators.
So the big retailer’s sales last year reached $136 billion, peep at the local Prime Now fulfillment center in a completely face-less commercial building.
Prime Now is a quick delivery option for amazon’s $99-a-year Prime service. Offering free delivery, streaming video and music and other Prime perks are very popular, and it’s helping amazon reshape its retail business. A report released by Morgan Stanley last week estimated that 50 per cent of American households had Prime Prime ministers.
Prime in Manhattan Now is three years ago, since extended to 30 cities, Amazon (Amazon) as far as possible let consumers’ – as simple as possible, of course, is from Amazon (Amazon).
Compared to the company’s regular executive centers, such as Kenosha’s million square feet, Prime Now hub is small. The Milwaukee hub covers 25,000 square feet – more than twice the size of the typical walgreens store.
This place is meticulous and well-organized. No cell phone allowed through the lobby. The “pickers” cart has no clattering wheels moving down a one-way channel, collecting objects from boxes marked with advanced barcodes, which are synchronized with employees’ hand-held devices.
These items usually have surprising shelf coordination. Amazon mostly does not allocate products to designated areas. Instead, it USES what is called a “random stacking” system, where things are almost anywhere in the right place.
In a box, the rooster’s red Sriracha sauce bottle and the wireless router stand together. Nearby, the Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker is a gluten-free chocolate wafer. Stored in another box is doughnut shop coffee, lego group and aluminum clipboard.
This method saves space. And each item can be tracked and identified through a barcode, and amazon has found it to be more efficient than placing things in a designated location, Law says.

“We have been studying logistics and technology for 23 years,” she said.
In addition, she says, the system improves the accuracy of the gatherers. If you keep all your coffee in one place, Law says, it’s easier to mistakenly choose another brand when you want a doughnut shop.
The computer is a central operation, and amazon leaves employees to decide where to store their goods and where they are best suited. It could be the bin of harry potter and the goblet of fire, which is just six cans of baked beans.
“The human brain is better than the machine,” Law says.
Gray metal shelves, seven-storey, yellow plastic dividers separate separate cubbyholes, filling most of the hub. Several “high speed pallets” are stacked in front of them, such frequent order items such as strong paper towels, Charmin toilet paper and Aquafina bottled water.
There was also a walk-in refrigerator and freezer, with several black coats hanging nearby. The plucker should put on a jacket before entering the cooler, which is usually the last stop to fill a given order. No one wants to melt ice cream.
When the assembly is complete, the order goes into a brown paper bag to “SLAM” – an abbreviated “scan, label, application list” – that is, to schedule it. Contract drivers, use their own car, make delivery.
Amazon said drivers received $18 to $25 an hour and said it was an opportunity to “be your own boss.” The comments posted on are mixed, but positive. In Milwaukee Thursday morning, some drivers waited in the lobby for delivery.
The total order is $35 or more, and the two hours are free (to Prime customers). The smaller order charges $4.99. An hour of delivery can be $7.99.
Prime Now is here seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and it will provide a minute before midnight.
The center for a large number of related to Christmas orders – such as ugly sweater and amazon fire video streaming media bar – but Prime Now business is not so strange, the basis of the grocery and household items is one of the biggest categories.
“Those things are always the most popular, because it’s just people’s need: you go home, toothpaste is used up, you don’t want to run to the store,” she said.
And all the biggest sellers? A banana. In fact, the law says, modest, easy to peel fruits are the most popular items in every city that Prime Now operates – even the chewers in Milwaukee.