How can tourism inspire these four fashion breakers


Any woman with shopping knows it’s a world designed for men’s business travelers. But the 25-year-old Boston man, Thanh (Tanya) Pham, is not happy with the status quo. Three years ago, she was just 22 years old, decided by creating Latitu ° break the mold, a series of practical for everyday women, chic bag.
And she’s not alone. Pham is one of a handful of emerging entrepreneurs who are disrupting fashion accessories by creating truly functional and stylish bags for women.
Marketing and design experts from Florida found that she was living in Australia for two years, hope more platform products in Greece and fashion designers to find their own position, let’s take a look at what makes these taste produce box and get their advice for other encouraging entrepreneurs.
The world health organization: Thanh (Tanya) Pham, Latitu °, the founder of the travelers for fashion and functional combination of female provide direct luxury package.

My inspiration: as a woman entering the labor market, I found that shopping’s function and fashion luggage was an unnecessary frustration and time consuming experience. So much of the market is a traditional customer base for male business travelers. Finally, I choose the black handbag is a practical, although strong, lack of personality and to changing fashion trends and seasonal colour, or lack of trolley belt and organization partition function of the iconic weekend. In the end, I was inspired by creating Latitu ° for personal needs, and eager to serve a long-neglected market – female passenger.
Before: in Latitu ° before, I for oil, natural gas and corporate clients design of leather products in the financial services industry. My job requires a lot of travel between customers, suppliers and factories. The time I spent in these stops was when I first noticed that men had far more luggage than women.
The worst part to do it: the worst part is built to launch, because at that time, we still have no evidence that the customer will buy online directly to the consumers of luxury goods. There have been many successful direct-facing consumer glasses, clothing and shoe brands, but the price is below $250. We overcome this challenge, beyond the product photo, provides a large number of images of the technical details and way of life, make the customer has a size of the reference, the idea of color in different light, and different ways to visualize shape bag.