Philip Treacy’s emotional fall ’17 movement


Philip Treacy, OBE is the owner of the hat. The Irish craftsman initially studied at the national academy of art and design in Dublin and moved to London where he studied honing skills at the prestigious Royal Academy of art in London. From then on, he quickly and Chanel (Chanel), Versace Versace and Valentino (Valentino), big brand cooperation, when set up his own company for their fashion design hat.
With many red carpet moments and multiple awards, we are fast forward to 2017, and he has dedicated his current fall collection to special fashion figures. Including the late and great franca, Tony, editor and tara palmer – Italy’s fashion and Tom Wilkinson, there is no denying that the first ‘the girl who added the charming accent in the 1990 s British rock scene in London.
The line, called “mourning,” is a tribute to both women who are both highly supportive of the brand and an emotional collection. They nod to the mourner and their ritualized process with a veil, mask and a tall hat, while also presenting the same aesthetic mint and fedora.
Black dominates the collection of modale or leather hand – blocking shapes, with feathered, lacy and rose flowers decorated with rich velvet caps. Crystal and beaded silk nets with boat men, city hats, trilbies, bunkers, berets and lace headbands are carefully matched, inspired by the inspiration from decadent and Edwardian.

The various distinctive masks of leather, velvet and lace emphasize the dichotomy between concealment and revelation, while displaying its ritual and mystical features. Masks have been used in different cultures to create, expand or implement the wearer’s identity or inner sense of spirit, so it is ideal for this series. Flying beaded dragonflies and chiseled beetle beetles also have an enticing fantasy.
The rich color of velvet highlights purple and rich deep red collection, the popularity of neon lamp adds vitality and vitality of life. Flowing ribbons free flow, handmade flowers, velvet twist and knots, and double pleats and frayed Pitt hill.
To include a hat and headdress from Philip Treacy’s London collection in the fall of 17 years, he provides a hat for every picky international customer, every night or every day. Rich in luxury, for country and classic, this is by far the most distinctive and ideal autumn collection.
I had a chance to challenge what people’s hats should look like in the 21st century. I wear a hat because I love my hat. Whether you are a spectator or a wearer, it is a mysterious object that is beautified and embellished for human purposes and feels good.