Princess Diana inspired the “white” look of Paris


The cow has proved that his most important outfit, Paris fashion week, is not a complicated silk gown or elegant cut suit trousers. It was a pair of white bike shorts and a double-breasted blazer from Naomi Campbell, who was standing in front of a 36 models dressed up by Diana, the princess of wales.
The image was the centerpiece of off-white’s spring/summer 2018 spring and summer fashion show at the ornate Salle Wagram theatre in the 19th century. “Off-white” is a youth-centric brand with an ironic tendency – the belt on the most popular handbag looks like a police roadblock – supervised by Virgil Abloh, creative director at Kanye West. Diana was the inspiration for the collection, trying to explore more complex territories than princesses and crown myths.

Some of them are loose-fitting princesses, such as the leather skirt of the first model and the matching leather blous inspired by the majority of Diana’s touch white pop-up collar. Others are more direct: Diana’s bike shorts show Diana at school with a pair of jeans, Diana’s pink dress or Diana on her way to the gym.
Glass slippers with high heels and transparent plastic boots co-produced with Jimmy Choo (the protective layer seems to be the big trend this season). Diana’s ball gown was filled with five dresses: two dresses with a huge ho skirt and a T-shirt. Three ruffled tulle layers are not likely to be worn out in Diane’s closet, at least not after the wedding day.
The models, holding clutch bags, look like celebrity magazine logos – time and life, people – a bit skewed, suggesting Diana’s legacy as an American.
Just a few days ago, Campbell starred in a fashion show at milan fashion week to honor Diana’s friend, Gianni Versace, for 20 years. For millennials, janey and Diana are hallmarks of the pre-internet era, and they now find themselves on Instagram and Tumblr.