The first Givenchy show by Clare Waight Keller


With the help of former designer Riccardo Tisci, the rottweiler is the theme of givenchy’s home. They roared from Rihanna and Justin Bieber’s t-shirts and sweatshirts. The first collection on a Sunday morning and Clare Waight Keller took his position, the house has been Purrkins acquired a new mascot, a black silk, in the latest advertising campaign wearing a collar Givenchy logo.
When Tisci’s back was infamous for the last night of Paris fashion week, Waight Keller held a tea and game afternoon at the British ambassador’s residence to celebrate her first performance.
Givenchy is being reshaped. Tisci led the brand for 12 years, turning it into a temple of its own superior taste. Was Chloe Clare Waight Keller announced earlier this year when is the appointment of a headache, not only because she is the brand’s first female creative director, and because the temperament of Chloe – a piece of cheese blouse, a white jeans, edge silk condole belt vest – is a besides Tisci givenchy nose ring and masked miniskirts outside of the world.
Waight Keller’s performance was the most dramatic debut of Paris fashion week. Givenchy LVMH boss have said they are supporting the company, the company annual income around 600 million euros, for expansion – house will soon rejoin the haute couture calendar – the exhibition was held in the grand Palais DE Justice, heavyweights including Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore, celebrities in the front row.

Look at the bottom line, and the boss might like the show. Waight Keller stood out from Givenchy, but kept the Tisci street narrow cut; She brings a slight breeze to the feminine charm of Chloe, but leaves behind the whimsical, downy dreams. After the performance, she put the palette in the background, “the city has polish” : black and navy, lipstick and turquoise. Have a hat, the secret of Hubert DE givenchy, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie onassis, a 82 – year – old love house, the founder of the separation in chic simple: a white shirt and black leather pusher, and the sleeves of a shirt he hinted at Hubert iconic bettina style. Keller’s so-called “angular flaps” — the sheer pleated dresses that make them soft and image-hit a perfect note between the slurry folds and the severe cut.
As the first female creative director of givenchy, Waight Keller attended high-profile British women’s performances at Paris fashion week, including Phoebe Philo of Celine, Stella McCartney of Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton. In the background, she said givenchy “feels more like my territory than Chloe”. People know me Chloe, but before that, I lived in New York and had been dressed in black for 10 years. “In fact, she later Chloe series from ideas into the realm of tougher, inspiration comes from the leather biker Anne record in the 1970 s – France dodge, (Dautheville) and respect for the cult of carnival culture in the early 90 s, the bottom of the sportswear.
Golden lip prints the miniskirt, leather jacket, asymmetrical cocktail dress and tailoring exquisite (men and women all appropriate), look like a set of focus, the focus has shifted to sweetness and light. France has an important flavour – the cool left bank girl in Saint Laurent’s shopping will be tempting, but the lack of it is a risk factor. It was this new appointment that was expected to mark the mainstream of Givenchy, which lacks the element of surprise. But Waight Keller quietly built a brilliant career on the slow road to success, making Givenchy a central powerhouse.