What I wore this week: the meeting room is unique


It’s an urge for U nderscoring to get into adulthood, and what tip-ex’s foregoing is, and extends to your outfit. If “joining the rat race” could be hit by a suit, it is necessary to try to subvert it. When I was a teenager, I had two different attempts to make an anti-suit. First is influenced by one of my favorite movies for many years, Swingers (don’t try again, now it has not yet been aging), although on the surface, it looked like in the mid – 90 – try to make it Los Angeles actor, mouse bag looks through the swing back recovery.
Myself trying to replicate is a tricky, complicated version: a bloated k fish tie, a large number of m ball shirt collar and cheap shirt, feels like a made of iron wire. This is a strange time. I gave the whole suit and tie to a Wetherspoon or a big one, as if I had gotten lost on my way to the office. In 1957.

It might have been, but the second attempt made it worse. This involves mixing cheap, high street suit jackets (and occasionally suit trousers) with other clothes. At the same time, I grew up on my eyelids, and that day was like wearing sunglasses, like a celebrity harassed by the hungry paparazzi. In retrospect, I looked ridiculous, but I didn’t think so. Today may be called a “broken suit”, but only during the entire period of the costume experiment, I’ve been mostly broken.
In the age of office and “always in” culture, the relaxation of traditional clothing is the logical next step; Your body is everywhere, so why doesn’t your clothes reflect this? It’s not like you’re dressed in the dark. British famous designer Martine Rose finished this tattered suit at the right way: in her school tie, double color coat and shirt color combination, there is a purpose in a junk shop. This is baby -era pulp meets Wes Anderson in the garbage can.
Here, I combine a light grey suit with a sports zipper polo collar and white sneakers. It’s a look and say, “hey guys, can you give me these reports as soon as possible? I just need to take an impromptu jazz class. BRB “.