Cowboy Chic Style Prevails at Houston’s Day for Night Festival


Over the past three years, Houston locals, artists and music fans from all over the United States have flocked to the Day for Night. The musicians and visual arts devices in the festival are designed to explore light, technology, voice and space.

This year’s “night day” took over the long history of Barbara Jordan post office, which is an area of 1 million 500 thousand square feet, equipped with four stages. The whole site is devoted to the visual arts of festivals. At the end of the week of the festival, from Houston native Solange, Thom Yorke and Nine Inch Nails, and Chelsea Manning and Laurie Anderson from the speech, but the festival of the charm of Texas (with a metropolitan dose proved to be a charming charm). From pane to LED, and occasionally cowboy boots or hats, these are the best ones in this year’s Day for Night.