Best beach – one month a year


Nicaragua may be an unknown resort, but it’s bathed in the sun this time of year and you can be on their beach. South SAN Juan bay beach has a dazzling horseshoe-shaped beige soft sand and is overlooked by a giant Jesus statue. The waters here are quiet and there are few enough surfing to make the beach suitable for young families. For surfers, madras beach is a long way away.

There are a lot of good food and you can enjoy the most enjoyable sunset. After the sun down, there is a busy nightlife interesting atmosphere to enjoy.

Thanks to its unique and rich ecosystem, oceanographer Jacques Cousteau called the Mexican Cortez “the world’s greatest aquarium.” For close contact with nature, please base on la paz. All islands are listed as the world heritage biosphere by UNESCO.

The uninhabited Espiritu Santo, the absurd beauty, is the jewel of the crown: the sea is so turquoise, like swimming in a bottle of curacao. Once ashore, you’ll find the white sandy beaches of the wedding cake, the pink volcanic rock of nail polish, the yellow butterfly and the strange tree of 300 years of eccentric boojum trees.

In Los Islotes, you can snorkel with friendly sea lions. There are many migratory species, such as humpback whales, bats and leatherbacks.

Covallan is known as the paradise of the south and arguably the best beach in India. The crescent beach coconut palm forest is full of individual character, the north Vizhinjam mosque, with a bright ships, and India herbal massage center, here you can enjoy exciting herbal body massage or other treatment as a whole. The equivalent of 30 pence for a leaf curry.

Three hours south of Rio DE Janiero, the island of Ilha Grande is an island, with its mandible and beautiful Praia DE Lopes Mendes. Going to the beach is a very meaningful things, but is well worth your effort – you must be a hike in the Atlantic forest, hummingbirds, and butterflies, tropical flowers and waterfalls, and gnomes and st monkey around. The sand is white and the flour is soft, and the beach of lopes mendes is irresistible. The island was discovered in 1502, but today’s preservation is the only word in the island’s main villages that only roads exist.

Whether you’re flying by sea or by boat, Whitehaven Beach has white beaches, tropical rain forests and crystal-clear water. Located on an island, it is part of the 1,250 miles of the Great Barrier Reef. The sand is 99.89 per cent pure quartz. You can swim 1,500 multicolored fish and observe the annual migration of humpback whales. Seventy-three other islands are waiting to be discovered, and some of them are desolate and ideal in the days when the sun is very close and quiet.

You can camp on some islands, but always remember the Great Barrier Reef Marine park authority’s advice: “take your photos and memories and leave only a bubble.” Airlie Beach Organic B&B breakfast and breakfast hotel with massage, yoga, meditation and Organic meals. They sell original art and handicrafts made by local Ngaro and Gia people.

You must look to wales for Britain’s most beautiful beaches. Soft sandy Oxwich bay, surrounded by woodland, is ignored by Penrice castle and can be directly from the story of Enid Blyton. With its beautiful pastoral scene, orkovich is an ideal place for safe swimming in the summer, walking on the beach or walking through nature reserves of 600 flowering plants.

Goyle, west of Swansea, is Britain’s first outstanding natural beauty spot, marking the 50th anniversary this year. A trail from Oxwich leads to the saint Illtyd church, which is said to be plagued by half-human, half-horse fauna, along the coastline with castles, monuments and many unspoiled coves.

Near Swansea is a city in the past five years with renewed vigor, local food landscape showed the region’s rich tradition of food: nori bread, clams, black beef and bass in wales.