Discover the Tbilisi fashion label turning skater kids into style warriors


For decades, skateboarding has been a major focus of youth culture and a source of unifying global identity. But this is true of contemporary Georgian skating rinks. Launched in 2015, the award-winning documentary “the earth seems to be getting light”, a special memorable scene: a group of skaters around the remains of an unfinished arena, in the vast landscape of sunshine. There are some epic and surreal about kicking the ball over and grinding away the abandoned ruins of the past that never really happened. Two years later, Tamuna Karumidze, one of the film directors, offered his own continuing story, written in real time by the skater of tbilisi. It requires an unexpected entry into fashion, but goes further into the reinvention of mythological heritage and the quest of a younger generation.

Karumidze recalls: “I started making clothes a few years ago, although I never thought of doing fashion. “The costumes were inspired by nomadic tribes, mongols, falcons and falcons. For the first time, I was really fascinated by clothes, about a decade ago in Mongolia – I liked to wear a belt around my waist. They have this remarkable timeless style, which is also very practical, designed to keep them warm or cool and have everything they need. ”

Comfort was Karumidze’s real appreciation of clothes, and she started making some coats for herself. The patchwork reflects the way she has always wanted to dress: the outfit looks like the most glamorous, weird and delicate texture of a collage. “The material is a combination of new and retro. The first fabrics I used came from my grandmother, and I found three, four suitcases at home, “Karumidze recalls. “In the Soviet union, you can’t really buy a lot of things, so it’s very common to buy fabrics and make your own clothes. I’ve used them already, but I’m obsessively collecting fabrics. The beautiful textile market in Georgia is quite limited, so when I go to a place in Berlin or Paris, I always go to a special fabric store and area.

Karumidze herself makes almost all TAMRA dresses – an important part of the creative process, and a necessary condition to keep her creative vision intact. “At first I would go to a studio and say I wanted to put this fabric together and they would say it’s impossible – but I know it’s possible. So I decided to study the production and tailoring techniques. Sometimes the last I will bring it to someone to complement the last point – but most of the time I get very different things, have to take it apart, and together again, “she explains.

In recent years, there has been little interest in the craft of the fashion industry, which is known for its large fashion brands such as Chanel, and bright newcomers such as Craig Green and Jahnkoy. In the fast fashion is considered to be the global expansion and the environmental and ethical issues, in response to a growing understanding of consumers and designers today are eager to a sense of touch and physical experience – the art of clothing, durable and unique. For Karumidze, technology is a necessary part of the process, but also for her character creation story, she first found in joint is the role of the director Salome Machaidze and David Meskhi of “the earth seems to be easier to find. The delicate process is dependent on the movement of free movement. “When I was skateboarding, I was always inspired by skateboarding,” she says. “What makes them so fascinating is freedom – of course they’re not free, but they try to be free. The way they go through the space on the skateboard reminds me to ride horses in a way. When they wear these coats, they look a bit like warriors or nomads, but still a bit like skateboarding – it’s their nature.

The world of TAMRA’s clothing seems to be a far cry from the daily life of tbilisi – it could be the city of some dystopian plains, Bladerunner or wu-tang Clan’s New York City. The influence of Asia, and sometimes exotic, can help mysterious attraction. Oddly, TAMRA is not the only project on the tbilisi fashion scene in the east, and there are also LTFR’s rework of Soviet clothes, artists and performer gypsy warriors. For Georgia the multi-ethnic background of country, the east drive seems to be a natural thing, but at the same time, this feeling has been eliminated the east, on behalf of the urbanization, the rapidness and futuristic things, get rid of the patriarchal habits of the past. Think of the example of wudang clan: the visual image of foreignization culture becomes a new kind of identity, which is different from the environment before you.