Ina Garten’s New Year’s Eve dinner party menu


From the entertainment queen’s page of 2017, the celebratory dinner is chock-full of simple but indulgent dishes. Here’s how to throw the perfect New Year’s eve party Ina Garten style.

Stay close and informal

Don’t stress out of the last hurrah of a holiday to create a fancy party. Keep your menu easy and make the atmosphere work. Use your best China, tableware, and, of course, candles to decorate your kitchen table. Ina tends to keep her dinner party small and intimate. Minimize to as many as 8 guests – this will make the occasion feel special.

As early as possible

When the guest arrives, the host will not like to crouch on the stove. The good thing ina has some time-saving tips, including simple forefood. The key to the carefree holiday trust is planning. Once you know your menu, you’ll be surprised how many dishes can be served a day or two in advance and reheated before guests arrive.

The menu

Maintain seasonal and stress-free warmth, and comfort foods are easy to cook.

The cheese board

The cheese plate is a simple appetizer that you can assemble in the flash. A good plate should have several different flavors and textures, including a hard cheese, a semi-firm cheese, a soft cheese, and a nice blue addition. Balance your boards with some sweet grapes, FIG jam, thinly sliced bread, nuts and crispy crackers. If you want to strengthen your plate, add some thick slices of ham and some fine grained mustard.

The shrimp soup

This elegant plain porcelain soup makes an appetizing first course, just enough to tease the palate. Cook the pot in advance and heat it when the guest arrives.

Apple cider pork ridges

Overnight, the succulent pork is preserved, making the luxurious and fast New Year’s eve dinner. Apple cider, maple syrup and rosemary, ginger and other fresh herbs, create a sweet, comfortable, elegant and fresh and sweet staple food.

Recipe panettone bread pudding

There’s nothing sweet to eat, especially New Year’s eve! This delicious bread pudding, filled with nuts and preserves, can be eaten at room temperature earlier in the day.

Champagne cocktail

Just before the countdown, ina’s champagne cocktail surprised guests. Happy New Year!