Why Smartwatch Trends Stayed Here


The growth trend in buying smartwatches has revealed a shift in consumer behaviour. World tech giants such as apple, Garmin, Vivoactive and samsung Gear have launched their own smartwatches, with their smart phones or other compatible device clubs. As David Singleton, head of Android Wear, says, in the next 50 years, everyone will learn how to live with wearable technology, and all of us will be. The growing demand for smartwatches has been caught up in the growing demand of consumers. People ask for a small tool that can be held accountable, and a fitness monitor is a reward for most people. This led them to invest in wearable devices such as fitness bands and smartwatches.

What is the current trend?

If these facts and figures are to be believed, the smartwatch technology will show a staggering growth rate that will reach 70 per cent of total wearable technology shipments by 2019. According to another data released by IDC, the device has seen a rapid growth of 67.2% since 2015, a fairly large number.

Another study by ghanaian companies points out that smartwatch sales are on the rise. As of the end of 2016, sales of wearable electronic devices worldwide totaled about 274.6 million units, up 18.4 percent from the 232 million units sold worldwide in 2015, according to the same forecast. In terms of revenue generation, the 2016 wearable electronics will generate $28.7 billion, of which $11.5 billion will be provided by the smartwatch business alone.

Big companies like apple and samsung will invest resources in research and development of high-tech equipment, and by 2017, the user base will grow 48% more than in 2015, which is a big move. The increase in smartphone sales will also indirectly drive smart watch sales, as both are connected!

The market for smartwatches is now only explored in a small part of society, because it is a high-end gadget category. In the near future, as many small and large companies bring this gadget to the Indian market, it will be heavily discounted in the city market. Chinese players are also introducing full-featured smartwatches, which can be used in the Indian market, in an affordable way.

Why Smartwatches?

Smart watches are very useful for their versatility. They have different applications that can work outdoors, travel, exercise, etc. Some carry cameras and stay on the watch to take photos with ease. Smartwatches are now available for Android, Windows and iOS, the most popular operating system for smartphones.

There is no need to pull out the phone frequently, and users can answer the phone, send messages, store pictures and navigate. This trend suggests that smartwatches will be the future, because smartwatches are the only way to truly automate online and automate the best state.

2016 top smart watch brand

As noted above, there are now many smartwatches. There are still some major players in the market, and here are the top four

The smartwatch is provided by a leading technology company apple. Its design has caused a certain trend in fashion. With the best quality and design, it has 38mm and 42mm. It has a smart interface and has one day’s battery capacity. Apple Smartwatch has a compact design and has all the latest features.

Samsung Gear S2

The samsung smartwatch leads the industry with its rotating Bexel, Tizen operating system, Amoled screens and fashion designs. The screen of samsung’s smartwatch has Amoled display, clear, lively and round. It has a 4GB storage capacity and a dual core 1.0Ghz processor. Its IP level is IP68, with wi-fi, NFC and bluetooth connection.

Moto 360

The motorcycle smartwatch has an attractive design that provides excellent performance. It is modular and comes with different sizes, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The smartwatch has a storage capacity of 4GB and has a quad-core 1.2ghz processor. Its battery lasts 1.5 to 2 days and is compatible with Android and iOS.

The pebble time

This smart watch has excellent function and battery life. It can charge for up to 10 days. It also has an intuitive interface and color ink display. The smartwatches are very stylish and have over 6000 app support. It is waterproof and comfortable to wear. The smartwatch comes in many colors, black, gray, orange, white and red. It displays notifications of phone calls, messages and emails. It works with different types of fitness apps and also has an e-paper display that allows users to read comfortably in the sun.