Fashion art: how to make modern day headlines


A picture tells the story of one thousand, and consider each period the issue of “Vogue” the surrounding noise – endless labels and about cover model, the photographer and posture chatter, seems to be incredibly, the cover of the past characteristic fashion illustrations elaborated in more detail the story. By John ward and Carl sven-goran eriksson, Dali benito surrealism, and Bernard thibaut, generation, MengWei, George and bill and Harriet Meserole art deco images of spinning the arctic explorers romantic story; Tennis players; Bride parade world travelers; Golfers; Racers, actresses, mothers and lovers. Before become an important record of fashion photography, fashion illustration, like Pennsylvania, bailey, Michael Selma and myrtle and marcus recent photographs, full of emotion and colour – and even more. Remember that dior’s work in 1947 by Rene Gruau was, without question, part of the illustration for a fashion narrative.
Passed the insurgency type bailey’s reputation make more thrilling – as a medium has been compared to a cutting edge photography show out for old fashion illustration in those days, led by the fashion media, encouraging new attitudes and breathe new life in the past. Since Vogue began, this has created a visual living schedule. It has never completely disappeared, but it has recently returned to the explosive effect. Perhaps our first fashion editor, Edward ningfurl, is such a sign on the new beach that it creates a natural nostalgia; Or perhaps, as technology erupts around us, we crave a contemplative illustration, the possibility of the inner thoughts of living artists, and the potential of our own interpretation.
Whatever the catalyst, the fashion illustration has a “moment”. For a period of time, the industry has been in a state of turmoil – maybe 2 years ago, Nick Knight (Nick Knight) to Helen downey (Helen Downie) of following the introduction of fashion show “unskilled workers”, is now really began. Grace, Paddington (Grace Coddington) and Michael (Michael Robert) Robert GingerNutz dec in our story – the cover itself generated a lot of illustrations version, full of social channels – as clear evidence. The video, which Coddington talked about, produced 10,000 views in the first 12 hours of YouTube, while Caroline Stein’s Instagram version of Pat McGrath LABS generated 100 minutes of love in the first hour of life. People look at it clearly.

So why has it not been found for almost a lifetime?
“This is the death of the last great master, ReneBouche, in 1963, which really represents the end of the classic fashion illustration,” said David Downton. David Downton has almost single-handedly kept the illustrations in the past 20 years. The last 40 seasons are shown in the front row; As “Vanity Fair” (Vanity Fair) draw the countless celebrities, and in 2009 for Cate Blanchett (Cate Blanchett) made in Australia “fashion” (Vogue) of best-selling anniversary of the film, and in the past decade at claridge’s (Claridges) sketch from Julie Ann Moore or grace Jones, Michael caine. “Coinciding with the rise of celebrity photographer – fashion always greedily wants new things.”
We play it Vogue. Co. UK my 10 years as editor of the web site from 2005 to 2015, and fashion pictorial art gallery, founded by William spirit shoppable version, all range of outstanding modern illustration, including tang and Tanya ling’s wife) and Downton Fumoir written from a illustration blog run together – but didn’t get great traction. Today, by contrast, illustrations have much contact, recently even make it a brand content and graphic battle remains controversial space domain is run through fashion, fashion fairy tales GQ and Tatler magazine, its beyond all business goals, a month in 24 hours.
“When it comes to selling magazines, photography has always been considered better than illustration,” says Downton. “But it’s like asking what an apple can do, a banana can’t. I think they have a symbiotic relationship. Illustrations change how fast you read magazines; And you project your thoughts into stories that give readers a different sense of satisfaction. “
“Is happening right now, because social media is very eager to the content, but content too much, very straight products, very little emotional resonance with the audience”, Nick Knight (Nick Knight) in a year by Nick Knight (Nick Knight), found that he is now at the age of 48 to start drawing, now in gucci with gucci (Alessandro Michele). “Luxury brands must find a way to show their collections in a warm way.”