How is it unlikely that tag heuer will work with the graffiti artist Alec


The art Basel Miami art fair is nothing if not a full-scale assault on the senses. There is a tropical climate in December. Excessive display of (very tan) skin. There are also intense dance parties, wild art installations, uber’s exclusive celebrity brand activities. And, of course, there are Gucci slideshows, off-white belts, and all the other trends that are surprising. To make a long story short, pay attention. But one of the more interesting events of the season is the iconic Swiss watch master tag heuer’s partnership with the Los Angeles guerrilla artist Alec.
For those who are not familiar with Alec Monopoly, by his paintings, installations and street art gallery for the artwork from Hasbro (Hasbro) classic Monopoly (Monopoly) and must be top bankers. So, nicknames. The artist is also known for wearing a top hat and hides his face in order to remain anonymous. Since the world economy teetered on the brink of collapse in 2008, Alec Andon has used his art to dig up Wall Street, highlighting the folly of the financial world. His monopoly is portrayed in almost all imaginable situations and always has a bright color. As for how he worked with the world’s most important Swiss watch company, all this was due to a chance encounter in southern France.
“When I was in the south of France, I worked at my designer Philipp Plein’s studio,” says Monopoly. “Mr Biver (TAG Heuer chief executive, jean-claude Biver) came over. “He had a house there and he came over and we just talked about art. And then we talked about doing a collaborative problem. “Not only was Biver’s vision of the clock world impressed him – the world he loved from a young age, but also a profound understanding of art, technology and culture. “This guy is great. “He’s like the Steve jobs of the watch world,” he said.

For TAG, this collaboration is an opportunity to expand in the arts. After all, the company is not only keeping in touch with the luxury sector, but also proud of sports, art and entertainment. Although athletes and celebrities get a lot of promotion time in terms of brand awareness, TAG also likes to train artists’ lists. For monopoly, this means a series of devices sponsored by TAG Heuer, not to mention an official title inside the company: Art Provocateur. “I have a 360-degree relationship with TAG Heuer,” Monopoly said. “I am the brand ambassador, artistic director and artist. Just like we’re married. ”
For this year’s art Basel in Miami, Monopoly has created multiple devices. The first involves a series of 300 connected modular 45 limited-edition wristbands, which are monopolized by the duopoly in TAG’s Miami design. Then, on Thursday, Monopoly in Fontainebleau hotels on the wall in front of a 40 feet long, for the sake of his coup, drew a giant murals, engraved with the TAG Heuer logo, alongside his role with the same. The stunt was designed to support TAG’s current Connected Watch activity, titled “don’t crash under pressure.” And don’t expose the four stories directly to his eventual failure, which seems to be an apt test of the slogan.
For the integration of the art world and the clock world, Monopoly considers it a natural confluence. “They work hand in hand, because the people who admire the beautiful watches are in a delicate degree, and they can appreciate the art.”