Phoebe Philo’s selection at Celine


Since her debut in 2009, Celine’s creative director, Phoebe Philo, has been redefining what it means to dress like a modern woman. During her ten years in office, Philo rolled out of the pendulum, a slender proportion, reborn with the fate of adidas Stan Smiths, and everyone wore their hair in a collared knit. With 2010 chun xia series of men’s clothing template tailored shirt, epic proportions – sometimes even symbolic, philo has to promote the French house to fashion the cult status of the crowd. When she announced that she would be leaving in 2018, Vogue revisited fiore’s biggest hit in celine.
Double dust coat
Spring/summer 2018 at first glance is a shawl in the bottom of the dress, here is another coat, Philo’s answer is to protect her bag is not affected by rain, inspiration comes from the way she in a trench coat in the storm. It was not the first time that filo saw double; Her 2013 autumn/winter clothes were covered in her body, with a misplaced sleeve on the front.
Red country ankle boots
For the spring and summer of 2016, Philo showed a pair of satin ski dresses with a lace satin ski skirt that was all the rage in the 1990s. “I think if you travel for a year, what do you need to take with you?” “The village ankle boots are black, white or red – everyone buys them,” filo said backstage.

Since the spring and summer of 2013, the so-called “ugly” sandals have started a footwear movement. Oddly, the furry teacups of menon oppenheim were strange, and the burkanske’s furry slideshow was properly opened and ushered in a new atmosphere in the house. Every celebrity and stylist worth their salt has a couple.
Flippy southern skirts
The ladies of Celine had a fresh glow and shine in the fall and winter of 2013, and with the arrival of an asymmetrical mini-skirt, the dress was kicked out of the middle of the champagne.
Hand overshoes
Ballet shoes’ elastic thin skin is the main performer of spring and summer 2015. The trapezoid high heel and fold napalpi includes mustard, red wine, gold leaf and white. Not the most beautiful shoes, their Fussbett tilts to bring a modest amount of coolness to the collection, and Philo tries out the full scent of flowers here (though, they sparked an online debate).
Leather pants
Pioneering Philo is again on the road to development in the fall of 2012, as leather pants are loose, just like sport and leisure. During Celine’s tenure, designers often liked leather, paneling t-shirts and miniskirts.
Hunting jacket
Philo’s first runway series in the spring of 2010 did not disappoint. A strong minimalist statements, every woman in the room felt the familiar desire – most of their desires are for the khaki safari jackets, and this jacket has been ms celine wardrobe staple food.
Pearl earrings
Philo’s Celine is doing well in the daily earring – last summer, its golden hoop was just like the big plexiglas before Instagram. However, the fall of the pearl in spring and summer 2017 heralds a renewed interest in seashells, with many other designers and brands following suit.