The Koch heir created the world’s ugliest shirt


Wyatt Ingraham Koch, heir to the kochs, the shadow conservative billionaire, and Wyatt Ingraham Koch, the most white American name, tried to ruin the fashion. Maybe he did it on purpose. Maybe bill’s son (Charles and David’s brother) always have so much money, so he felt incredibly boring, and decided to spend their time making eyes blood on his shirt. Maybe it’s all a big joke, The fashion brand caught our attention today, The Cut’s courtesy. But Koch’s namesake, Wyatt Ingraham, went on the offensive.
Koch is now being talked about because he is suing his former fiancee for a return ($180,000) engagement ring. A bold move, of course. But it’s not as bold as he has been hiding in the forgotten monster shirt of a dark, remote place on the Internet. These are all the things that the biggest asshole at the party might need on the shirt: they’re loud, they’re tutalized, they’re fucking tyrannical. Let’s see.

First, a cannoli shirt. A. Cannoli. A shirt. This means wearing it in public. A glass of cannoli means eating strong coffee at the ferrara bakery and eating at the American Italian cafe in Florence. Please take this cream shirt and push it.
Next: pink handcuffs. I mean, this line has to be a joke, right? The only people who really look for pink handcuffs are those who think that “fifty shades of grey” is a literary miracle.
Finally, kochs – a man who has a huge fortune at his fingertips – decided to wipe it with a literal wallet shirt. What kind of smug bastard would wear this. “Do you hate yourself and everyone around you? Then we got the shirt for you! Thank you, Koch. You really need this.