The secret of 10 stylish winter weddings


When creative consultant Matilda Goad got married over the weekend before Christmas, the temptation was to focus on the theme of Christmas. However, while she retains some of the decorations of the festival, she is keen to make her own mark in the winter, which is considered to be considered not a playboy.
“I’m a Leo, the heart of a real summer girl,” matilda godde says of fashion, “but I’m also impatient. When Goad started working in June 2016, she was hoping to set the date for the wedding immediately later that year. It’s easy to get a big tent – “they’re completely out of business at the time of the year” – although ensuring a restaurant attendant is a tough one. “We have to beg! She smiled. A country wedding in December might sound like a cold and damp disaster – but endless experience Goad organize activities of some fashion brands, such as shrimp Uppark area to the west Sussex. Needless to say, “the weekend before Christmas was a very special time to get married, and it felt romantic and different,” she recalls. Here, she Shared the secrets of 10 winter weddings with fashion.
The weather is the worst
I didn’t want to worry about the stress of the weather, so everything we planned was indoors, except for the upper and lower churches. Wise to the fact that some of our guests want to climb out of the outside, we have created a covered outdoor smoking area, blast it, by heater with wooden umbrella and hay bales packing sheepskin rug.
Say no to the Holly and berry of the festival
In contrast to most wedding guide, I don’t believe that set the theme for the wedding or set the color scheme – the weekend before Christmas, when they get married all the more prescient, because I want to avoid the traditional holiday decorations. My sister-in-law, Willow Crossley, is a very talented florist, and the contact with flowers feels so natural that she doesn’t want to see a bunch of cliched berries, Holly or pine wreaths. Instead, she USES more unexpected winter flowers, such as the Icelandic poppy and the flying swallow, sweeping the sea on the stairs. My bridal bouquet is a single wisp of black rime.

Keep warm tea
Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and imagine what they would feel like. So, in a rather chilly church, after the service of the ode, we had a whole host of hot wines waiting outside, making everyone happy.
Find a wedding dress with sleeves
I bought Jane Bourvis’s old-fashioned satin dress on Golborne road (which is so nice – she played classic music in the accessories, and every bride should have a look at her experience!) But there was a lace, and the coat on the sleeve seemed to be part of the dress. It’s hard to find a clothing option with sleeves, but I think it’s a good solution to have a jacket on top. I also feel that adrenaline keeps you warm.
Don’t forget the feathers
From the moment I decided to attend the winter wedding, I knew I needed to find an ostrich shawl in the evening. In my heart, I have an old Sonia Rykiel performance, and all the girls come out in feather shawls, and I search for a beautiful original work. I finally passed Mairead Lewin, a stylist of the old shop) found a, with a shorter in the ’60 s lace dress collocation, restoring ancient ways by Jess Collett make bell jar and the veil for me. I am eager to find the right opportunity to wear it again!
Avoid white shoes
No white shoes are needed for the wedding – it’s an old-fashioned look and felt very wrong in mid-december. Instead, I chose dolce & gabbana’s blue suede heels, which I have worn many times since.
Make sure the children are warm enough
From the beginning of Christmas, I liked the idea of making people excited and looking attractive, but I knew that 10 small bridesmaids and little boys needed to stay warm in the church. The boys wore a star – printed cowboy shirt, and the girls wore small velvet shawls. They were all wearing warm vests, and we laid the sheepskin rugs in the church and let them lie on it.