Toronto fashion week will work with RE \ SET in February 2018


In 2018, two major organizations are staging a cohesive fashion week for Toronto fashion week.
On Thursday, fashion week in Toronto and The Collections of RE \ SET announced a partnership in February 2018, marked The IMG 2016 listed on The Toronto fashion week, The city has become a fashion weekend The end of The period of time. The partnership between the two groups is expected to become a united front in Toronto’s fashion, and eventually give local talent its due support and international recognition.
The speech will be held in New York, London, milan and Toronto fashion week before fashion week in Toronto on February 5. Runway fashion week in Toronto will use traditional format, and RE \ SET will adhere to the “subversive” model, and use the original studio space designer and consumer demonstration showroom. The entire presentation will show the unseasonal capsule series, as well as direct consumer initiatives.
In September last year, the group also demonstrated a partnership in different parts of the city. Although itself is very important to both sides – Toronto brought fashion heavy hitters fashion week, such as French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Italian director Francesco Carrozzini (Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Ms. Sozzani son) and Toronto born photographer Petra Collins (Petra Collins), while the RE \ SET Canadian designer series, in many ways including the runway and static display, VR show and shopping fashion designers of the exhibition hall – Toronto crowd in york, between the village and the hall (RE \ SET) catch up with the program.

Carolyn Quinn, executive director of Toronto FASHION week, told FASHION: “in the past everything has been so fragmented in Toronto and Canada. “[last season] when the game was over, we contacted [the collection] and said we should not fight against each other, let’s work together… What’s going on here? I think that by working together, our designers can better understand our media, consumers and vips, which will create a stage for them. ”
The Collections co-founder and marketing director Mel Ashcroft (Mel Ashcroft) agrees: “has a strong unified voice, to The show will be very active on The global stage,” Ashcroft told FASHION. “It will create a calendar that is very cohesive for designers, and it will be great for the industry to cover more of what’s happening here and to focus on Canadian fashion.”
The show will include designers from The Toronto fashion week, as well as The Collections’ emerging brands. Not all of February’s designers have been announced, but Quinn has told the fashion world that UNTTLD, Narces, Hayley Elsaesser and Hilary MacMillan have confirmed that they will be there. This time, however, there was no plan for big-name guests like Gaultier. “Our focus is on new partnerships with RE \ SET and The Collections, and focus on our Canadian designers,” says Quinn.
As for the rest of the city fashion week, such as Toronto women’s fashion week, Toronto men’s fashion week and fashion art Toronto? They are still independent.
“There are different places of activity in this city,” quinn said. “We applaud anything that is doing to support our industry’s Canadian designers. We wish them the best. “