Nigel Slater’s salty snack recipe


Here is a piece of pork in the oven, its surface sea salt sparkling, crisp and curled into fat, golden blisters. It will be smashed to pieces and used to celebrate the New Year’s celebration of popcorn.
This is the day I go through my diary, reminding me of what I’ve been cooking for the past year. Continue to reduce the gradual change in meat consumption. Over the course of the year, there are more cereals than ever before, with fewer puddings and more knives. I seem to eat more seafood than seafood: roasted bass with tomatoes and anchovies; Pickled zucchini and chili peppers; And a spring dish with only three mussels and scallions. I don’t have so many cakes in my memory, but a shallow chocolate cake with sultanate, rosemary and sweet sherry. The backbone of my vegetables and fruits hasn’t changed, and I’ve noticed that more than 70 percent of the recipes in this column don’t depend on meat or fish.
The meat I had eaten was glorious, twice a week. When autumn leaves fall, Porchetta is stuffed with blackberries and lemon peels; Thick meatballs with mashed potatoes; Rosemary and garlic beef ribs candlelight winter nights. Once again we nibbled each bone and found buried treasure under each roasted chicken, then made soup with the body.
My suitcase was barely closed this year, and my trip, especially in Japan and the Middle East, had a big impact on what I ate. My cooks change a lot every year, but always insist on the spirit of the home, the joy of sharing, and the simple joy of cooking forever. Happy New Year.

The pork popped the popcorn
The exact timing of crack crack depends on the quality of the skin.
Enough 6
Pig belly 250 grams
1 tablespoon celery salt
1 tablespoon fennel seed
3 tablespoons olive oil
50 g butter,
Burst corn 125 grams
The butcher if you do not take the skin for you, it’s black face up on the chopping block, deeply, it is not very well by the board, to 1 cm intervals with a very sharp knife. A box cutter may be useful.
Place a wire rack on a baking sheet and place the skin on top. Mix celery salt, fennel seeds and pepper. Rub the dressing on the pork skin and press it to the incision. Place in a cool place, but not in the fridge for at least an hour.
Set the temperature of the oven to 200 ℃ / gas mark 6. The olive oil drops on the skin. Place the skin on the grill and bake in the oven for 35 minutes until golden, crisp and puffed. When crack is is ready, remove it and cool it slightly.
Pour any grease and pork fat that may be in the pan into a heavy deep pan or casserole. Add the butter and place the pan at medium temperature. When the butter melts, add the popcorn and cover with the lid. Hold for 3-5 minutes until the corn explodes, occasionally shaking the pan to prevent burns.
With a heavy kitchen knife, chop the crack crack small pieces, then put into the pan and fold into corn. Add a little butter and salt if you like, and the popcorn is still warm.