Tesla’s founder tapped into a rich marketing lead by selling boring hats


Inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk (Elon Musk) prove that he is not only can make the future cars, you can also launch of the space program, in just a month of time sold more than 50000 sets of hats.
The latest milestone for the businessman behind tesla, SpaceX and other tech companies was when musk announced that every “boring” baseball cap had been snapped up.
The simple black $20 cap, with a simple white logo on the Company’s Boring Company, will raise $1 million.
Earlier, presumably joking, Mr Musk promised to start selling the company’s brand of flamethrowers, buying 50, 000 hats at a time, and chirping: “the hat is sold out and soon the flamethrower!
Show a concept to what extent can iterate, musk, regularly publish new adjustment, to issue, including each sold 5000 hats a free gift: another hat “signed” by Courier, according to the musk.

It is not very restricted hat, jokingly, or Musk ‘s Boring Company fund-raiser, the Company is expected to pass more efficient, cheaper to build the tunnel to change the mode of transportation. Musk suggests building a narrower tunnel, one tenth of the current standard cost, supporting the network of electric scooters.
The company is planning to build a tunnel with a crowded i-405 in Los Angeles, while also facilitating the personal commuting of Elon Musk from Bel Air to Hawthorne, California.
Although buyers are now being told that the sale is complete, Edith Piaf is singing Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’s signature, which remains on the Boring Company’s home page.
Disappointed buyers can find other musk approved headgear. Musk aerospace vehicle sales nine different color hat, bearing from X logo to “Occupy the Mars” slogan, and tesla motors sales 6 hats and 1 “liquid metal visor”, cost up to $30.
Other companies are also almost famous for their clothing business for their actual products. Ferrari’s annual sales are directly related to the automotive business, with annual sales of nearly $5 million (though that figure does include sponsorship revenue related to its racing team).
While these companies also make and sell actual products, ferrari and tesla motors and SpaceX’s rockets generate huge revenue, while boring companies are still firmly in the development stage. A tunnel machine is slowly connecting SpaceX and tesla’s headquarters in hawthorne with hawthorne avenue, two miles to the west.
One of the respondents on Twitter said that Mr Musk and his business had a fan hierarchy: “boring companies can sell the dirt they are digging and people will buy it”.
The musk replied, “we will! At least, after we built the obelisk, everything remained. “