Tom Watson called on Chris Grayling to abandon the “dirty east coast” rail deal


Tom Watson, the deputy secretary of labor, called on Chris Grayling to step down as transport minister, calling him “the backstage deal for gr back to save the shoreline of the east China sea”.
Mr. Watson spoke to labor colleague Andrew Adonis, who resigned from the leadership of the government’s National Infrastructure Commission to reassure the minister.
Lord adonis, in addition to talking about his fierce disagreements with the British government to Britain to take off the outside, also said Jonathan greening decided to save endangered run east coast line of 2023 post chaise and virgin is the last straw.
To the founder of the virgin founder Richard branson and post horse Brian souter submit a check hundreds of millions of pounds worth of “it is impossible to defend in the best of times, but now we are faced with the UK to take off the public finances and railway ticket prices through the roof”, adonis told the observer. He said the move would cut infrastructure spending.
“This means borrowing a key Labour policy – bringing our failed rail system back to the public sector,” Watson said. Instead, Grayling has agreed to give billions of pounds to the laughably rich Richard Branson and Brian Souter.
“The use of taxpayer money as a political expedient is not reasonable, and now glynn should go.”

Passengers are gearing up for the biggest rise in railway fares in five years, with ticket prices up as much as 3.6 percent on Tuesday.
One senior conservative source said it was disappointing to see “Lord adonis’s experience, based on a lack of factual knowledge, to make a completely inaccurate statement”.
A spokeswoman for the department of transportation said: “no one has been rescued. The virgin carriage will continue to fulfil its commitment to the taxpayer’s east coast railway franchise since 2015.
“The stagecoaches also pay 20 percent more in taxes than the line runs, and we can continue to get hundreds of millions of pounds.
“The decision to start a partnership in 2020 is to ensure that train companies are working more closely with rail and signal infrastructure leaders to improve passenger service.”
Grayling, announced last month that the new railway strategy including plan from the beginning of the 20th century in September 2023 to replace virgin trains on the east coast of the contract, starting in 2020 to replace the relationship between the railway and the train operator.
Although the minister denied that he was in Stage for Stagecoach, the company’s share price rose by 15% after the plan was announced.