More equal than others: men’s fashion – archives, 1969


R mirren ackerman wants to give most men a guilt complex. He discovered two self-evident truths: all men are created equal, but those who want to be more equal than others spend a lot of money on clothes. That is when the pursuit of success, people over 35 are leading the fashion.
It is indisputable that money is above 35. But men’s clothing company chairman Mr Ackman (Ackerman) Chester Barry (Chester Barrie) have noticed that they have “elegant” subtle and complex, they “is really aware of fashion men today, as well as real people. It’s a bit of a spectacular development, starting in the early ’30s, and has been a 20-something setting style. “they’re certainly clients of Chester Barry.
Mr Ackermann launched his coup by listing “professional arrival, already in the boardroom or knocking at the door”. It includes four midsize suits, four light suits, two suits, two suits, a light dinner jacket, a silk evening dress, four slacks and three coats. The total cost is about 1,150 pounds. ”

In reaction, I can only open my closet to the public. Not even a coat. There were three mid-size suits, ignoring the double-breasted suit in the corner, and buying it at an ecstatic moment after seeing bonnie and Clyde. It bulges under the armpit. A lightweight suit. I don’t have a suit. I’m not even sure what a country suit is. I think we should wear something when we go to sleep. I don’t have a party dress, although I have a suit. It’s not light, but it does have an interesting green mold in front. No silk jacket. There is no leisure time. Jeans, of course I have: a pair of white, a pair of black, and a pair of indeterminate paint stains. It’s also a blue plastic cotton MAC. The total cost is 150 pounds. I’m not sure if it makes me succeed or fail.
Those who follow Mr Ackermann line will like on the top floor of the room, just in the child’s tailor rod bond street opened a shop – who wore a sailor suit an entire generation of baby, this is still a joy in South Africa. The room at the top was apparently too old for the boys in their shorts, but not enough to get them to wear the saville suit, Huntsman’s, for the first time. Buyers, however, hope that this will attract our complex mid-30s, when they may wander upstairs while their children are being housed. They will find good cavalry twill, knitwear and twill. I was told that colors are of course dull. This is the extent of winter; Spring clothes will be brighter.
Than street, at the same time, I will stay in Canada or like Austin reed Cue and ygm club 92 haute couture, until the outbreak of urban growth fur coat, fur, in particular, warm, cheap and interesting people, 20, wearing it.