“Second-hand dad” look – why is the hiking jacket a moment


Fashion likes to find something very bland, and claims it’s “a moment”, and now, the most popular menswear product of the season is… A walking jacket.
Welcome to the world senior hiking clothes: that kind of things you hidden in the trunk, Teresa May (Theresa May) through the dolo surrounded (Dolomites) through the sort of thing, like a name North Face jackets, X the resale market 4500 pounds. This is a perfect storm of high, new fashion and serious technical wear.
In the case of North Face, the jacket’s blouse will be on sale this month. Currently Junya with designers’ Sacai and forceful cooperation has been sold out on the fashion mecca Dover street market field, and it just with evil Japanese brand joint cooperation, the cooperation should be selling like hot cakes. In addition, the Italian brand Napapijri and designer Martine Rose (most recently in singer Frank Ocean) a second cooperation, while the outdoor brand Columbia (is famous for its technical t-shirts and wool) have also launched a series of color conjoined shorts with the New York fashion store opening ceremony.
In September, GQ Style coined the term “second-hand dad” : a sense of beauty that has been described as “like a dad wearing clothes and walking in the woods in the early ’90s.”
But why spend thousands of dollars on technical design versions that might be the same or lower than the true outdoor brand? “You’re not going to wear this jacket’s ege peak. It was designed to stroll through the streets of Dover, and Richard Gray, a senior editor at 10 magazine, said he bought a Junya Watanabe coat, which cost as much as 1,895 pounds. For gray, one of these works is the same as the bragging rights he has. “It’s like a top trump card,” he said. “It’s competitive. I can use your technical details to deal with your death. “

For the personage inside course of study, the luxurious style of the coat from a typical outdoor brands: this, by the American designer Patrick Egypt (Patrik Ervell) design technology is coat with silk instead of synthetic fibers. However, they are still more robust than a typical designer coat – Matchfashion.com’s head of men’s wear, Damien Paul, points out that designers’ coats are still highly technical. “They have to work in real life,” he says.
With the rise of sport and sportswear, the menswear market has dominated, and if you’re wearing running gear for a party, why not wear a hiking jacket? The us fashion house has tried to get the new word “gorp core” to happen this season (gorp is short for phrase combination), but since “gorp” does not exist in the UK, it has never taken off.
Hiking is worn, but it doesn’t sound sexy, but it actually happens. Online retailer SSENSE reports that Balenciaga ski-suits are running out quickly, while Matchfashion.com has received a “huge boost” from brands such as Lanvin and Martine Rose. Paul has responded by introducing traditional technology brands, such as helison henson, on this season’s roster.
At the same time, over the years, such as Stone Island and Moncler brand, has quietly from the elevated functional clothing set up millions of pounds of business – but even these brands also are seeing more young, more fashionable consumer appeal, they are seeking to buy real garment brands, rather than the change of the designer. Napapijri originally designed for the arctic expedition hooded sweater, it’s fixed equipment, street clothing sales are growing at “three digits”, while Helly Hansen, points out that young people’s sales increased dramatically.
Especially after a successful partnership with Supreme and Nike, Stone Island has become a leader among a new generation of consumers. “Of course they’re hard to beat,” says David Fischer, founder of Highsnobiety, a street-apparel website. “It’s something they’ve been doing. Shidao is based on technological innovation, and still is today. ”
Entering a younger, more fashionable market is a conscious decision by the shidao creative director Carlo Rivetti. “We’ve been working for a decade and have attracted a new generation of fans,” he explained. “But since we started, we’ve seen features and performance fabrics. The fashion house has no such method. “