The 2017 fashion looks unlikely – three shirts, Corbyn t-shirts and a $150 paper clip


Bath towel v bathrobe
It was a bad year for a famous man and a bathrobe, but it was a great year for ladies and towels. One magazine called it bathrobe or bathroom leisure – becoming a gender-specific battleground. Rihanna (Rihanna) in Paris fashion magazine cover Emilio Pucci Palomo headscarf and Spain Spain bathrobe Rita Ora, MTV Europe music awards ceremony, women and towels out of Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein), Dustin Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman) and the chatter of blame of others.
Tonkster fencing
When piracy by London street sport company Sports Banger design and sales of Heras T-shirt appeared on the Internet, with a number of Google search shows that this is a sign of a doncaster company, make the temporary fence was seen in the festival. Jon Wright, of the sports bank, designed the game because he had a sense of nostalgia for his youth.
Ugly, expensive trainer
It’s a testament to fashion creativity that few people can withstand expensive, ugly coaches in 2017. The best and ugliest are the trainers of Balenciaga Triple S. Their appeal proves that fashion likes satire. Wear them, you get the joke. In addition, in the economic downturn, there are some visual diplomacy, wearing a 595 pound coach, looking cheap and useless.
Theresa May’s necklace
Our prime minister has made her look a new direction and her “strong and stable necklace” is almost permanent. In essence, it was a large silver chain, designed to compensate for the boredom, and whenever she would discuss the European Union, it would appear and soon become as old as the slogan.
Ivanka trump’s mismatched earrings
When ivanka tried to reclaim feminism, Marni’s earrings wore an anachronistic state banquet. This could be stellar optics, the target of the fashion world, not the world. The result was just to show that she had carefully read “fashion magazines” and listened to advice on how to wear earrings, but not enough to read the consistent negative coverage of her father’s politics.
Corbyn T-shirt
If Jeremy Corbyn’s silver-clad suit caused hysteria in 2016, the 2017 fashion can fend off his hopes. He turned out to be the face of Britain’s piratical industry, appearing on do-it-yourself t-shirts. Perhaps the best is Corbyn Nike (now V&A), which replaces the slogan of the union leader’s name “Just do it”. And also as a “Corbynite/Nike” pun. A little bit. Not at all.

A 145-pound paper clip
When it comes to self-referential sarcasm, prada usually takes a step back. This year, a 145-pound paper clip changed all that. This is a wallet that looks like a paper clip. It’s pointless, weird, and 1%, which is a sign that fashion is looking for happiness and profit in the secular world. As we work in a cashless economy, a wallet will become nostalgic.
Spikes of Manolos
Melania trump’s inauguration offers a rich selection of critics. But only a few things have caught the attention of people, such as the Manolo Blahniks that she wore on the plane to Texas after hurricane Harvey. The appearance symbolizes the disconnection between the first lady and the rest of the world. When the plane landed, she was on the training machine, but by then it was too late.
Steve bannon’s triple shirt
Breitbart may have its own fashion critics, but Bannon’s shirts (usually three, according to his spokesman) teach us the most extreme rightist style. The eye of the former White House strategist: is his nationalist ideology layered, the look of his winter beach house, or the cry for help? As it turned out, no one cared.
Brand Bernie
This year’s biggest curve ball formed Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign logo, appearing in balenciaga scarves and padded coats. Vermont senators are not keen to refer to the collection as one of the “very” richest 1 percent of the population “, but no matter. It is a tempting prospect for sanders to stay warm in the coming nuclear winter.
Aquarius love island
In the fight against plastic pollution, the newly minted eco-artist Michael Gove listed Love Island as his ecological environment. Thanks to the exhibition, the luxury water bottle (mainly S’well bottle – price is reasonable and smooth) has changed from a healthy invisibility symbol to an environmentally friendly requirement.