I’m wearing corduroy this week


If you want to know, I’m going to look like an east coast liberal arts instructor, and the lecturer is hosting brunch. That’s what I like about my corduroy: the dreamboat on campus, a little art theater. With a powerful scarf game, maybe the elbow patch; Some reading materials (news or fiction, but printed on actual paper) and deep conversation, gesture quotation marks.
In other words, it has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn. Jezza not offended, but I more thinking with the love story of Ali McGraw (Ali MacGraw) with Tina Fey (Tina Fey) cross Annie Hall (Annie Hall) and Diane Keaton (Diane he) throughout the 70 s in the staff room are all around the UK corduroy, I choose to ignore it, because I prefer my mood board.

Corduroy is a graduate degree in the fabric world. It will add letters to your name and from a smart point of view, it makes you look smart. Even as popular as it is now, it seems more noble than the fashion victim. At least, how it works in my mind. The trouble with your clothes, of course, is that others see them too. And judging from their minds, it can sometimes be completely different. I know, it’s too meta today. Yes, corduroy is talking.
You may have noticed that I wear corduroy and pink corduroy. An unexpected color is a way to promote awareness that you are wearing corduroy in a soulful cultural sense, not in a grumpy and outdated sense. The black looks great. The cream is great. If you have to make it brown, make sure it’s a rich fudge caramel; If you go to Burgundy, make it deep red and rich, not a grey uniform. Upper body: when tight, corduroy has a blocky tendency. Generosity looks best.
In addition, go to luxury. Wear a silk blouse, not a cotton shirt. Or opt for a lush knitting rather than a fluffy cardigan. Cable knit, smooth, textured merino wool or sleek ribs work well. This is not the moment of chaos: sleek and neat works are better. Robert Redford’s candy-colored suit in “All The President’s Men” has never looked good. George Clooney is the best of all, as a lovely retired wonder Mr. Fox. Corduroy may not be tricky. But it’s amazing to me.