Recipe for the novel: Celeste Ng egg Benedict from a small fire


When I was a teenager, I couldn’t imagine anything more interesting than eating brunch. As soon as I got there, I had a wallet full of money in a fish and chip shop, and I wanted to have brunch with my school friends. Now, in the 30 years of age, it is still my favorite meal, and has become a weekly ritual: Spitalfields st John’s bacon sandwich and a teapot, maybe some restaurant in Dishoom bottomless wood and Fried egg bread, English muffins, cream cheese and a flat white in Finks.
When I think of the brunch I dreamed of when I was a teenager, that’s the one I always imagined in front of me. Usually the most expensive dish on the menu, often out of reach, and I was too nervous, can’t homemade Dutch food at home, happily, in the mid – 1920 – s comprehensive reading of Julia child master the art of French cooking gave me confidence I need to make it work).
If you’re struggling, or trying to avoid wasting half a loaf of butter and wasting time in the morning, I’ll give you some advice. First, I’ve been trying to make a small batch – an egg yolk almost always ends up splitting me. Use two. In an early attempt, the second hand (someone with butter on my head) was useful, but you may not be as nervous as I am. I’ve learned the most reassuring thing is that if you separate the sauce (it will look like granular and separate, rather than a thick, if you do so), you only need to restart a new egg yolk – to join you “butter, until you give it all. The sauce would be rich and velvety, as if nothing had happened and would not end up in the sink.
I read a little fire at Christmas. Although the world feel very the United States, but I feel many of them are familiar: an idyllic leafy suburbs, there is little to do, everyone seemed to know others. Four years ago, I left Brisbane to go to London for anonymity and opportunity: this week, I came back for the first time. Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about this “home” — I’m afraid it may no longer be familiar. So, in so many ways, “fire everywhere” is a perfect book – exploring families, social classes and suburbs.

Benedict’s egg
4 doses
In the Netherlands,
Egg yolk 2 yolks 1.
Tablespoon lemon juice
125 grams of butter, very soft, cut into a cube of 0.5 cm.
Flaky sea salt
1tsp Dijon mustard.
The rest of the
4 English muffins
Butter, butter
200 grams of sliced ham.
Eight eggs
Freshly ground black pepper and sheet sea salt.
Heat-resistant bowl
Whip the
Small pan
Extensive, shallow pot of egg poaching.
Mark cup
Slotted spoon
Fill your heatproof bowl with steam hot water from the kettle. Let it sit for a while, then pour the water into the pan and put it back in the pan. Dry out the bowl, now will be lovely and warm, and hints egg yolk and lemon juice. Beat until thick and light.
Slowly simmer the water in the pan and place the bowl on top to ensure that the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.
3. Stir continuously and add the butter to the egg yolk, one cube at a time. Once the sauce has been fully incorporated, add only one piece. Continue slowly and steadily until you have a thick sauce in your bowl. Season with salt and mustard.
4 toast muffins, cream them, and top with ham. Finally, when you’re ready to eat, steal eggs. Simmer the wide water into small fires. Put an egg into the cup, beat the water into a whirlpool, place the cup near the water, and put the eggs in. Don’t worry, if the white drops a bit, push it back to the center. Scoop. If possible, repeat in batches. Once the whites are cooked, the yolks are still runny (it will take about two minutes, depending on how gently the water is simmering), and remove each egg with a slotted spoon. Let it get out a little bit before you put it on top of the ham.
5 put some Dutch mayonnaise on each egg. Immediately use a lot of salt and pepper.