Salad dressing and style: Gucci’s first restaurant


I am an old deadlock of haute couture: how do you move more stocks and stay exclusive? Don’t ask burberry. Fifteen years ago, it has a good idea, that is the “gateway” sales price is reasonable, only “wrong” people can buy, to a larger volume of sales, and should be away from the label’s core customer base.
Still, fashion has a mouth to feed. And that may look than looks more like Gucci, is probably the most reference of modern fashion brand, it launched a restaurant, puts forward an update, more pressing problem: Gucci the Italian dumplings is a new fuzzy leisure food?
Gucci Osteria in Florence this week is a Michelin three-star chef Massimo Bottura supervisory experience in restaurant, and set up an in the Gucci garden (garden), the new concept of six room store from the uffizi gallery.

At this point, you can taste the Parmesan cheese sauce (20) Gucci Italian dumplings, Gucci taka dumplings filled with pork belly, and balsamic vinegar and miso (15 euros) or Gucci tongue (25 euros). If you’re homesick, try scampi (30 euros). If you’re a miser, Sir’s gucci spinach (10 euros), or gucci cappuccino and lady’s logo. Although you can’t really take the food away, you can buy Gucci’s beautiful dishes in the store. The cost of no food is more than 30 euros, which is the penny of the Gucci currency.
In business, it’s great because it’s more affordable. Harvard business school calls these potential customers brand tourists-a brand-conscious person who dotes on their toes but does not pretend to be part of the club. And, thanks to the success of brands like Gucci, put your finger on a millennial pie and launch a social media like food.
But is it a gimmick or a genius? Bottura, one of Italy’s most Italian chefs, is a maverick, inspired by a friend of Thelonious Monk and Gucci CD, Alessandro Michele. Because you can only eat Gucci food at Gucci garden and only buy the dishes in Florence, so maybe both. Because fashion people sometimes eat. Especially if it’s gucci.