Update: why did Hollywood visit magazine journalism?


As a magazine journalist, it’s hard to shake off the feeling of being functional – writing less art than “hard”. You just need to check the comments section of any lifestyle article (whether it’s travel, fashion, beauty, or family) to confirm (” how about this news? “). ). The filmmakers seem to feel the same way. Steven Spielberg’s “The Post” is The latest in a series of heavyweight films to pay tribute to The noble art of journalism.
BFI compiled a includes news writers, TV anchors and even the photographer, 10 about the news of the great film, but unless you count on La Dolce Vita celebrity gossip, there is no magazine. In general, movies about magazine reporters are often relegated to chicken tails.
The devil wears prada. A woman accidentally works in Vogue (I mean, we’re all there, right?). Despite the obvious disdain for fashion and anyone who CARES about it. She was scornful, sloppy, Anne hathaway. Eventually, the title spoiled her, and she replaced her boyfriend and friend with a Dolce&Gabbana chain, losing 10 pounds.
And how Kate Hudson lost guy in 10 days. The plot depends on her job as a magazine writer – she craves, poor dear, writes about politics and war. It’s like purring, because you want your pet shop to be a hedge fund. She didn’t submit her notice, but to find a job in a news team, instead of making an unlikely agreement: if she is to write an article about dating more pain (rather than let her editor to hide her disdain), she will be allowed to write about something.

Although the news writers in the film are not always pleasant, there is at least one spectrum, from the crazy clown, the hero’s investigator to the false lead vendor. Magazines are often just a superficial and shameful symbol. It is hard not to feel that there is a gender bias in the role of women in magazines, men in positions of power in documents.
In fact, there is more crossover: celebrity gossip is often reported as news, while New Yorker magazine has played an important role in going out to Harvey Weinstein. There are other film is nodded characteristics of the wider world – almost famous, daydream the volunteer, fear and loathing in Las Vegas – but rarely see someone in a magazine office. When you think about how the industry is struggling, big brands shut down and sales are down, and you think it’s going to be full of stories.
The most interesting documentary about magazine news is the September issue. In “American fashion” (American Vogue), it usually contains all in the change of the little girl saw the movie (poor editing, to model the absurdity of review), and also can take the form of Grace Coddington, the charming unkempt creative director of the standing editor Anna Wintour slammed and design some really beautiful photos.
The truth is, magazine journalism is not your job. If you don’t want to do this, meryl streep won’t insist that you accompany her to Paris fashion week. No job security, no money, no glamour, and most of the work you do will be ripped off by “non-news” people (though they have chosen to read). It is an insult and a lack of imagination to be a war correspondent as soon as possible, suggesting that the industry has accidentally arrived there and/or is anxious to leave.
Of course, making magazine writing seem like a delicate profession, it’s not a movie job. The purpose of the film is not to reflect life accurately – this is journalism – but it is refreshing to see that magazines are not just an iconic job for women. You can guarantee a good writing.