Meera Sodha recipe for vegetarian sweet potato and eggplant curry


What came out of the closet “When I was growing up, it was something I often eat.Our home is far from the store in the countryside, so going out and buying something new in January means our old Nissan Bluebird is so full Caves, dazzling winds will whip around our neck and freeze our finger blue, so taking something out of the closet is a great comfort and a foil to our laziness, because it means we do not need Leave this house.
Of course, we spent a lot of time with our nose in the drawer of the kitchen, wondering how best to use the jars of spices and vegetable baskets to turn them into meals. Most of the time, this led to the same old things: spinach and makai palak, plum tomatoes and sev tamatar and dal dhokli (chickpea pasta dal poached).

But now it’s easy to get into a more diverse global kitchen, and I tend to push regularly around Southeast Asia where many ingredients are common to Thai Curry, Laksa, Curry Curry and Massachusetts Curry Common coconut milk, nuts, tamarind And galanga – well spice, keep for months, if not years. All of this is enough to hold most of our seasonal products, and many base batters can be made with a blender without noticeable deterioration of taste.

Today’s recipe is such a dish. According to Thai food guru David Thompson, Massachusetts curry has “all the characteristics of Southern Muslim food – rich in coconut cream and spice.” There are many variations, but it is usually sweet, sour with tamarind and uses spices, peanuts and coconut; it also often has starchy vegetables like potato or sweet potato. Often complicated, I have taken as much freedom as possible in the store cabinet ingredients.

Sweet potato and eggplant motor curry
Feel free to play with vegetables: potatoes, broccoli, carrots and radishes all at home. Provide four.

For cream
5 red bird’s eye view peppers
4 green onions, peeled and chopped
Two citronella stems, tough outer leaves removed, and then chopped
50 grams of parsley, picked and reserved leaves, chopped stems
100 grams (41/2 tablespoons) smooth peanut butter
1.5 tsp cumin
? teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon crushed cloves
1? tablespoons galangal sauce
1? tablespoons tamarind sauce
2? teaspoons sugar
1? teaspoons salt

Curry 2x 400ml jar Coconut 400g eggplant, cut into 2 cm x 2 cm Bulk 800g sweet potato, peeled and cut into 3 cm x 3 cm pieces 1 A small amount of dry coconut flakes, decorated

Put all the paste ingredients in the blender, add 100ml of water and quickly stir into a paste.
Place a lidded cauldron on the medium heat, and while hot, keep stirring the mash for 5 minutes until it is dark and shiny; note that it does not catch and burn. Add the coconut milk bit by bit, stir at any time into a paste, then put it into the eggplant and bring the foam up. Add the sweet potato, cover the pot, turn the heat to whisper, and then leave to cook for 20 minutes until the eggplant collapses and the sweet potato is tender.

Curry is cooking, grilled coconut flakes. Put a small frying pan on the medium heat. Once it is hot, bake the coconut for a few minutes until it is golden yellow on both sides, then tilt it up and put it on the plate.

Serve, transfer the curry into a serving bowl, spread the coriander leaf and coconut pieces above and serve with a square meter.