Jeremy Lee recipes a hearty brigade pudding


Place the stomach in the cold is the oldest prescription, there is nothing better than steamed. This fat fat brigade, is a rich choice
apple! So many apples … how to deal with them? Next you can be a delicious chef, do a variety of harvest of this fruit, just as the leaves fall from the tree.

Apple pie and apple pie – Apple pie is also true. But there is also pudding pudding – a very good brigade pudding stuffed with apples, spices and sugar, and lots of creamy cakes.

The origin of the brigade pudding was when the army finally got its approval (for it seemed to take some time, a penny was lost) that an army was on its belly. Without a snuff bottle, emotions will be louder than a hungry stomach.

But let’s hand over those things that follow the drums to their business, not to domestic. While the autumn wind lifts countless leaves outside, there is a pleasant prospect in the cozy kitchen, with each cool green and red shade rotating in a cool, shortened day.
Against the cold stomach is the oldest prescription. Going to a school in a city in the estuary that flows into the North Sea means the easterly east winds freeze the blood in the cold winter but also make a very healthy adjustment to healthy puddings.

Now, my grandmother gave me lunch at high school in Dundee. When the old lady’s lunch is back, it helps a lot for my waistline and afternoon attention. I may have consumed the calories my military exercises require, but I seldom indulge in any movement and even eat with far-reaching enthusiasm.

The grandmother’s Dundee area – beautiful, sturdy and appropriate, differs from hotels built in the modern era with a handful of lentil soup in the hotel’s kitchen. Another sealed plate sitting outside the soup, is the most exciting prospect: a goat’s milk pudding. A powerful weapon against winter darkness.

Brigade pudding
Amount 4
Used for pastry
225 grams of spontaneous flour, sieved
A pinch of salt
60 grams of suet
60 grams of cold, hard butter, plus more fat
A spoonful or two milk

Used to fill the layer
Two lemon passion and juice
5 size crisp apple
30 ml syrup
180 grams of black muscavado sugar
100 grams of Sudan
100 grams of raisins
50 grams of grated almonds
30 ml of black rum
1 pile of teaspoon grated ginger
? nutmeg, ground well
A pile of teaspoon grated grains
1 pile of teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 Gently rub a little butter in a pudding bowl, then spread a layer of grease-proof paper and cut it to fit the bottom.

2 Put a big bowl on the table. At the tip of the sifted flour, add a little salt and suet. Ground butter into flour, then add milk. Quick, lightweight action that combines all of these together to form a spherical dough. Remove the dough from the bowl and gently rub it.

3 The dough needs to be cut into three pieces – one piece small enough to sit comfortably at the bottom of the pudding basin when rolled to the thickness of the little finger. The second one will allow a dough, but also a little finger, sitting in the middle of the pudding. Finally, you should leave enough of the complete disk diameter to complete the structure.

4 hot lemon, aside. Pour their juice into a large bowl, then peel the apples and place each one in the lemon juice. Peel off the apples every quarter, then remove the core and slice points – say three or four. Chop the apple slices in the lemon juice.

5 Add the rest of the ingredients and blend together. Apply one-third of the apple mixture to the dough’s bottom plate. Place the second plate of dough here, then pile it on the remaining apples. Disperse evenly and place on the last plate of the pastry.

6 Apply a layer of grease-proof paper over the last plate of the dough. Seal the pudding pots with a tight lid or tighten the tin foil tightly together or hold the disc tight under the tissue with grease-tight paper. Put the pot in an upright tray, in a boiling basin, one-third of the pudding basin. Seal the pan with a tight lid and let it steam for 3 hours.

7 Leave the pudding at least half an hour before stripping. Do not get it into a beautiful dish. Pour a large plate of cream into a jar and serve.