Bling: Elvis Presley’s gorgeous touring costumes are on display


With a guitars lead and microphone cable, the gorgeous Spanish flower suit completes a 20-pound cloak, of course, initially as a crazy unrealistic tassel suit for the black phoenix suite that Zebra created.

Angie Marchese, head of Graceland’s archives division, explains: “Elvis turned up to look at the design and said,” It’s a weird looking bird. “So designers have to figure out where Elvis sees it A bird and make it look like a bird. ”

Marchese’s visit to London’s O2 Elvis Three Months Elixir prompted the loving memories of loves.

When it opened Friday, it explored Elvis’s travel time between 1969 and 1977, when he was more or less always on the road to the United States, performing over 1,100 shows. More than 200 artifacts have been taken from the Graceland archives, many of them for the first time in the United Kingdom.

The stars of the show, especially Bill Belew’s jumpsuit, are named after fans: Amber Stone, Snowflake, Conqueror, Purple Owl, Stonehawk, and White Pyramid. This show reveals that the king of spades is also known as the kitchen sink set.
These items were included in about 40 outfits on the O2, including his last show when he arrived in Indianapolis in June 1977.
After six weeks, Elvis died. Marchese admits that intense touring schedules are part of it.

“He’s basically been on tour, causing him to die and has been on a different city. As an artist, he becomes tedious, and by the 1970s and 1970s it was no longer as it was in the 1960s and 1970s. He did not have time to relax and renew his spirit. ”

Marchese said the success of Elvis’s show, held at the same venue three years ago, has more than 225,000 visitors and encouraged Grace Land to host follow-up shows.

In addition to the clothing, there is a large suitcase containing books on the interests of Elvis – sports, religion and numerology – guitar, including his use of the Gretzch Country on the stage in Las Vegas in 1969 Gentlemen. As well as the charming Gold Belt brought by the Las Vegas International Hotel for his meeting with President Richard Nixon in 1970.

“He is the bling king, the first glittering king,” Marchese said. “Bling was blossoming before.”

The most sad thing was the trunk that was packed on the day of his death, ready to travel to Portland, Maine on the first day of travel.

Prior to the divorce in 1973, the tour also put a huge strain on the marriage of Elvis and Priscilla. However, his ex-wife said she was amazed at the success of the first O2 show and was motivated by the new collection. She said: “The second Elvis Presley show in London is great.