Dior Homme hopes to win the millennium market in Paris


On Saturday morning, hundreds of teenagers crowded out of the Grand Palais in Paris, where they were out for an Irving Payne review. Their obsessive goal is Robert Pattinson, whose arrival has caused a crowd scream on the Dior Homme fashion show.

Inside, Pattinson sat next to Karl Lagerfeld, a loyal follower of the brand, wearing his delicate monochrome suit and the usual uniformed uniform , Is not likely to join sc white white beard.
Lagerfeld did not hurt Dior Homme’s myth because he had said that the motivation for six and a half years of rock weight loss was to be a tight suit for the brand.

He will find a lot of appreciation at the show’s opening ceremony, including a series of single-breasted and double-breasted black suits.

The rest feels fresh and unexpected. There are loose ravers jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts stacked together, repeating the heavy metal-style pattern embroidery to the backpack and the aviator jacket, used as a print and pendant, and shaved to the model’s hair.
There are models of different ages, not just in their 20s. The show points out that the theme is “Forever Young,” a 1984 Alphaville song mixed with A-Ha, Technotronic and other 1980s songs. Kris Van Assche, the brand’s artistic director, is an 80’s music lover who recently signed Pet Shop Boys as campaign star.

It seems to be aimed at attracting new customers while arousing nostalgia for others. More evidence of Dior’s attempt to attract Millennials appears on Instagram star Bella Hadid, who is wearing Dior Homme Runners, the new pair of sneakers, and Dior’s answer to Balenciaga’s successful Triple S sneakers.