Hillary Clinton to edit the December issue of Teen Vogue


The magazine announced that Hillary Clinton will be editing one of the latest versions of Teen Vogue for its guests.

Clinton announced on the anniversary of the defeat of Donald Trump that she would edit the fourth volume of Teen Fashion, which will include works by her childhood best friend, Babe Ebelin, and her daughter, Chelsea.

As the special Clinton-themed issue of “Teen Vogue”, which appeared on the December 5 newsstand in the United States, will feature a letter from a former presidential candidate to her young girl himself, Image montage cover representing different stages of her life.

As part of her guest editor, Clinton added her latest What Happened book to the Teen Vogue book club’s reading list.
As part of a joint statement with Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth, Clinton wrote: “I like to read an article about finding perfect makeup remover next to a prose running in an office … Teen girls are powerful forces in the world and see The pages reflect a refreshing look.

“Did you notice that people seem surprised when a teenage girl takes a position on an important issue?” She continued. “It’s also a real year even in 2017, where young women perform well at women’s games, shattering expectations of sports and STEM, demanding diversity in books and movies, and fighting for affordable health care and programs Maternity and quincea?era, who even held the attack on the rights of immigrants on the steps of the Texas State Capitol.

“The girls are raising awareness of Yemen’s child marriages and sex trafficking in Cambodia; addressing environmental justice in places like Flint, Michigan and Raleigh, North Carolina.