Lagerfeld retains the power of Coco Chanel at the Paris Fashion Week


Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel’s house in 1983, ten years after Coco Chanel’s death. Since then, he has kept her alive.

Her fierce elegance and strong character are still the biggest assets of the brand and are unveiled at the latest fashion week in Paris.

Although the Korean star G Long in the front row, 16-year-old second-generation supermodel Kaia Gerber on the catwalk, but the actor’s star was opened in Paris in 1910, the first woman’s boutique.

The Grand Palace has a replica of the Eiffel Tower and the space shuttle rocket recently performed by Chanel, but this time transformed into the Verdon Valley in Provence.
Six 10-meter-high waterfalls, stacked below 2,600-seat boardwalk. Water theme is a link to Lagerfeld’s ingenious ingenious fashion show – Giant raindrop-shaped plexiglass earrings; Two-tone rain boots, scalloped edges – But the basic outline of many of the appearances of this collection is her tidy skirt, low heels, The tweed-beaded jacket and the founder of the straight-edged hat are recognized.

But Coco Chanel is so last year because 2017 is about Gabriel Bonheur Chanel. Gabrielle is the first major perfume the brand has launched in 15 years and its brand name is the real name of a woman who has become Coco. It’s very important that the name Gabrielle is also given this season’s handbag.
Lagerfeld and Bruno Pavlovsky, president of the fashion house, built a semi-visual global language for Chanel. The word Gabrielle now joins Coco and Chanel and includes double C, number five, perfume bottles with corks, flat-brimmed hat, tweed suit and pearl. This represents a formidable icon of luxury that can be understood anywhere in the world – a key to an industry that communicates with consumers in China and the Middle East.

Gabrielle Chanel represents the young, free-spirited age of designer life. The name led Chanel rebellious side, rather than her apartment in Commons Street strictly stipulated old age.

“Everyone knows Coco Chanel, but Gabrielle was there before Coco,” Pavlovsky said in an interview before the show. “We believe Gabriel is a woman with a strong opinion and it is a good time for us to explain this issue. Gabriel is the value of women with no restrictions on the value of freedom and freedom.

The introduction of Coco Chanel as a young woman’s idea into life is an undeniable idea of ??a brand that must win the millennium to survive. Coco real name used at the right time, authenticity is the biggest slogan in the fashion industry.

Pavlovksy said: “This is not a trend of authenticity.” Authenticity is everything Chanel has. It’s about what we do, how we communicate, about our passion for creativity. I believe this brand is doing well because people can feel the truth. We are not just a marketing brand. ”

Chanel has its own ambassador, unlike many others, such as Vanessa Paradis and Inès de la Fressange, who have been “friends of the house” for decades. “These people all have their own style and strong point of view and have a real connection with Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard – Lagerfeld’s studio director.”

Pavlovsky said the value of the Paris Fashion Week is “amazing results.” We have 20 minutes to convince – not just you, but everyone on social media. Chanel can take you to somewhere else, not to say how successful we are. A performance experience on behalf of this. Luckily when your boss is Mr. Lagerfeld. ”

He revealed that the day before the waterfall was installed, Lagerfeld’s internal conversation immediately shifted to the topic of next season.