Strongly dressed: why fashion has never been so important


His Oscar has been around for six weeks, and the prediction of my red carpet this season has proved to be wrong. When the Weinstein scandal broke out last autumn, I think the costumes of the red carpet will be shelved in a new world order. Of course, no one in 2018 will care about what the actor is wearing?
I almost impossible to have more mistakes. Last weekend’s Golden Globe may see a new presidential candidate in history, but a solid black dress symbolizing feminist sexual harassment will be an important footnote. The importance of dress code is reflected in the faithful observance of almost everyone, including potential presidential candidates. One of the most political award ceremonies in memory, clothes are more important than ever.

Fashion has never been so important – however, you can forget about everything about skirts, and these things have never been less important. It’s been 61 years since Carmel Snow praised the young Dior – “Dear Christian, your dresses have such a new face” – a voice has been incorporated into In those columns, fashion has evolved into a television channel for the world we watch. This season’s color is less than the black protest vote. Thousands of handbags than the family knitted hat less fun. Politics, ideology and identity are described in clothing. We watch Kim Jong Un exchange his hair suit Western tailoring, and Meck Markel jumpers with M & S England. Daniel Day-Lewis chose to play the role of designer for his last screen role while fashion designer Michelle Clapton (The Game of Thrones, Crown) Thought leader for modern television. Pep Guardiola’s current selection of accessories, a yellow ribbon that announces support for the independence of Catalonia, may be overshadowed by a spectacular football match in Anfield on Sunday We are more concerned with the information on apparel than ever before. H & M is now facing the indignation of the world’s coolest monkey sweatshirt in the jungle of the black children’s model, as evidenced by this.
This is a visual century. For those looking for an audience, fashion is the platform of choice. Kanye West, Victoria Beckham, and Jaden Smith represent a new appealing fashion factor to make a difference in the world Professor Frances Corner, Dean of London’s Fashion Institute, said: “Fashion is a way to engage in a debate where everyone can participate.” Maybe you can not say what you want to debate, but you can make a statement with your clothes. ”

Of course, these are not new. Alistair O’Neill, professor at Central Saint Martins, said: “During the first televised presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon, Kennedy’s polish and style of cut and body cut won traditional suits and late-triumphs over Nixon ”

Coco Chanel published a famous clue about the fashion that reflects our world of life nearly a century ago. But in the Selfie era, what we are more interested in is looking at our own reflections. So fashion, the most fascinating mirror, spot yourself spotlit.

Instagram is the way images dominate popular culture and is the heir to MTV. Zadie Smith’s Swing Time narrator novel Madonna pop star Amy writes: “Whenever you hear these songs … you are mainly sent back to the visual memory, back of hand or leg or thorax or groin The generation that this generation really possesses has the priority of the image, just like all the previous people. The image is a global currency, and the availability of technology gives the public the means of production. (Photographs taken before 2015 More photos than ever before in the history of photography.) We’ve become more sophisticated, more strategic and more narcissistic: You just have to look at a teenage Instagram feed family album to see how Fashion shot and portrait photography Reference pose covering camera and smiling formula.

The importance of fashion-or fashion’s self-importance, which may be the same in this respect-is magnified by the close relationship of technology. (Interestingly, it’s now argued that Twitter shows text and no pictures until 2010, a recipe that seems unimaginable eight years later.) A fashion brand like Burberry is like a technology company, Mainstream brings new ideas, companies behave like fashion brands.

Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Institute at London Fashion Institute, said: “Apple, Google and Facebook are positioning themselves as reflectors of our culture, which is quite noticeable in fashion.” Facebook has more than 2 billion users. Its brand is meant to give you a sense of belonging to find your tribe. This is what the fashion industry has always been. ”
Alexander McQueen’s show “Savage Beauty” broke box office records in New York City’s Met and London’s V & A, the game changer for the fashion takeover of cultural drama . The Museum of Fashion has been expanding its space since 1971 when Cecil Beaton convinced many social disciplines to donate fashion to Fashion & Selection (V & A), the first to use fashion Exhibition.

Alice Black, curator of design museums, said: “Anyone who works in my field will tell you that fashion attracts a large number of museums and hosts a festival celebrating the late Assignin Azria Opened this spring. “The Christian Louboutin 2012 show has an average of over 1,000 visitors every day. O’Neill said: “The Paul Smith exhibition [2013] has been visited all the time – now in China.” These exhibitions are a form of culture that does not require formal education or cultural capital to appreciate. “But, like Savage Beauty, they are able to come up with very complicated ideas about the human condition.” Savage Beauty, with its fanatical comments and overnight opening, closed the gap between fashion and culture and legalized the discussion of clothes ” If you’re a smart, blues, show type, you should never do that, “said Frances Corner.

Next month, the Royal Women opens at the Bath Fashion Museum to interrogate Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and Queen Margaret’s wardrobe, not only because of their style and beauty, but because they are The role played by monarchy and how it is reflected in the garments they choose. ”

The next test of fashion status will make big strides with Baftas during the awards season, with the Oscars fanatically beginning to take shape. There is currently no Hollywood know how these red carpet follow the Golden Globes shady. “The Golden Globe reminds people that fashion is more than just charisma but can involve many things, including solidarity and protest.” So it is interesting to see what happens next. Because you can not always repeat the same expression, otherwise it will be out of date. “